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i'm happily running TI 2013 on Windows 10 - and it's doing just what I need it t0 (backing up ad, if necessary, restoring files)


True Image 2013 by Acronis provides home users with reliable backup, recovery, and file synchronization. You can easily define where and how often to backup – locally or online. It only takes a few steps to create a copy of your hard drive. And you can recover a lost file quickly.

  1. True Image 2013 is safe, reliable, easy. Stores your content in a secure online location and syncs it with your devices.
  2. Acronis True Image 2013 clone disk step-by-step instructions Many people choose to clone their hard drive for security reasons and protection against hackers and viruses. Cloning a hard drive with Acronis True Image 2013 is not only possible, it is very simple procedure that should not take long depending on the size of the hard drive.

BUT when I respond to the 'an update is available' prompt, TI starts an install dialog, but after a couple of minutes just hangs and I have to either reboot or use Task Manager to kill the task


Acronis True Image 2013 Download


Install wordpress in localhost xampp. Anyone have any ideas what might be up?

Last time I cancelled the update I ended up with a TI that would not run and spent a couple of days trying to get it back to the point it was at before! So I am unsure about whether to try again

Also, do I need to run the upgrade as an Admin? Do I need to turn off my anti-virus??

Acronis True Image 2013 Iso

Thanks all for any suggestions :)

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Phil, welcome to these public User Forums.

Acronis True Image 2013 Manual

ATI 2013 is not supported for being installed / used on Windows 10 so you are lucky to even get it to run at all.


The first release they supported was ATI 2015.

Acronis true image 2013 windows 10

See KB 56196: Windows 10 support in Acronis products

All versions of ATI should be run with Administrator authority in order to work correctly.