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Recently upgraded from 2019 to trueImage2021(which itself then upgraded since it

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found an update online to TrueImage2021 itself) and after allowing this new installing a few days ago,

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I just rebooted myself & found the PC in a bad place!

It somehow damaged the UEFO-boot and offered only the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager

which was inserted into the top of boot order and kept complaining NO OS ON HARD DRIVE (pointers screwed up !)

had to run BIOS setup and move acronis recovery manager to end of boot list

to get windows boot loader to find OS on hard drive!

anyone seen or have advice to tweak this

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As you appear to have discovered the BIOS/UEFI have the first boot device is Windows Boot Manager?

Have not heard of this happening, although it could happen if Acronis Startup Recovery Manager has not close properly. It uses Linux rather than Windows and that introduces the possibility of things going badly wrong. I have not used it, or Acronis Secure Zone since ATI 10 or there about. I use the ATI recovery media (simple version), which is based on Windows RE which ensures that all necessary drivers are present.

Acronis true image 2021 free upgrade softwareAcronis True Image 2021 Free Upgrade

Getting back to why/how this happened, are you using the latest build of ATI 2021 35860? If so, it is possible that there was a change in the code that caused the problem.

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Mike, personally, I would recommend disabling the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager on your PC and not using this legacy Linux based environment.

If you want to have a boot option to launch into the stand-alone Acronis rescue media environment then there are better ways of doing this using the Windows PE version of the rescue media that allow an entry to be added to the Windows Boot Manager panel that are easy to implement with no need to touch BIOS settings!

The first step is to create the 'Simple' version of the Acronis Rescue Media using the option to create a WIM file.

KB 65508: Acronis True Image 2021: how to create bootable media

Create a new folder in the root of your C: drive, i.e. C:Acronis and copy the WIM file to that folder.

Next, download and install the free EasyBCD program (to use to add a new boot manager entry)

Launch EasyBCD and click OK on the EFI Bootloader found warning pop-up.

The default view in EasyBCD will show your current boot manager settings, mine show as below:

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As shown above, my Entry #2 shows I have an option to boot from the ATI2021_MVP-PE64.wim rescue media image file from my own C:acronis folder.

To add the entry, click on Add New Entry in the left column, then on WinPE in the lower right panel. Type in a suitable name, i.e. ATI 2021 PE Boot, then click on the icon at the right side of the Path entry box and select the 'Simple' rescue media WIM file you created earlier. When done, click on the (+) icon at the right end of that entry box.

You will see a quick message confirming the entry has been added shown in the bottom status bar (in place of the 'latest version' message), and clicking on View Settings or Edit Boot Menu option buttons will show that new entry. The Edit Boot Menu can be used to rename or move the entry up or down etc.

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MVP Assistant (Log Viewer) & MVP Custom PE Builder available from Community Tools page.
Acronis True Image User Guides available from Product Documentation page.
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You might try the solutions offered in the the KB article linked below:

Acronis True Image 2021 Trial

The default F key used to activate ASRM is F11, on some systems this is in conflict with the one time boot menu which could easily cause issues such as you describe. ASRock motherboards for example use the F11 key to access the one time boot menu.