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Amazon offers two different options for working as a Delivery Driver, so you’re able to choose the role that works best for you.

Working as an Amazon Flexdriver, you can expect:

  • Part-time hours, with the ability to work just a few hours a week
  • Pay starting at $15 per hour
  • Payouts are twice per week

Amazon Logistics delivery associates generally make less money than Amazon Flex drivers, so be aware of your financial needs when determining if this is the right position for you. Amazon Logistics delivery associates typically make between $13 and $19 per hour, depending on the location, time of year, and whether the delivery driver is a. In 2018, for the first time, Jeff Bezos released in Amazon's shareholder letter the number of Amazon Prime subscribers, which at 100 million, is approximately 64% of households in the United States. In this page you can download free PNG images: Amazon logo PNG images free download.

Amazon stated to me that roughly 90% of the time, delivery drivers finish making deliveries before their nine-hour shift comes to an end, and that drivers are able to take all scheduled breaks.

What you’ll be responsible for:

  • Using your own vehicle for delivery
  • Gas cost
  • Auto insurance for your own vehicle
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Any wear and tear to your vehicle

'You're your own supervisor. You have to time manage yourself.'

Working as a driver with our Delivery Service Partners, you can expect:

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  • Full-time schedule, working 40 hours a week
  • Full benefits and competitive pay
  • You are provided with a delivery vehicle, so you won’t need to use your own
  • 4/10 (four day, 10 hours each) scheduling available

'I really like the driving role.'

As an Amazon driver, you will deliver packages to homes, retail locations, and other delivery destinations.

In order to meet promised delivery times, you will efficiently sort and prepare your delivery route.


Amazon will provide you with handheld technology to manage delivery progress and navigate around obstacles.

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Sometimes you will hand a package directly to a customer which means interacting in a positive and a professional manner at all times.

Do I need to have a commercial driver's license (CDL)?

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A special driver's license is not required.

Can I choose how many hours I want to work every day?

Delivery drivers are full-time jobs, requiring 40 hours a week.

Do I need to provide my own vehicle?

An Amazon partner will provide access to a delivery vehicle.

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What is an Amazon delivery service partner?

Amazon Delivery Images

Amazon has partnered with local Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), independent delivery organizations that help Amazon deliver thousands of packages to customers every day. As an employee of an Amazon delivery service partner (DSP), you will work directly for the DSP that operates out of a local Amazon delivery station.