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And while Amazon Prime day 2019 does have some awesome deals in store for people who want to get in on the action early, and some others that'll be available once July 15 hits, it hasn't stopped people from roasting the holiday on social media. Even after you cancel, you actually have until the end of the 30-day trial to continue using your Prime membership (including free 2-day shipping and access to Prime Video). Luckily, cancelling an Amazon Prime free trial is really easy, and you can do it on your phone or a computer.

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The best tech deals we're expecting from Amazon Prime Day 2020

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  • Typically Amazon Prime Day runs every July, and Prime Day 2020 will be the event's fifth year. However, Amazon has pushed this year's Prime Day back to an unannounced date later in the fall.
  • We've rounded up the best tech devices that were on sale last year and we expect to enjoy new deals, so that you can get prepared for the deals deluge in advance.
  • Whether you want a pair of headphones, speakers, laptops, phones, or accessories, Amazon will certainly have a tech deal for you during Amazon Prime Day 2020.
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The best part of Amazon Prime Day is arguably the deals on consumer tech items, like headphones, laptops, and more. Usually, tech devices are expensive investments that you really have to mull over, but when a lot of the best devices go on sale, it's much easier to just hit 'Add to Cart.'

With likely just a few months to go before Prime Day 2020, since it's been pushed back to an unannounced date due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we've checked through our list of the best deals of 2019 to see how those products are priced today compared against their Prime Day discounts of last year. With this, you'll have a much better idea of which products are worth waiting to buy until Prime Day 2020 or just picking them up right now.


Whether you want a new laptop, tablet, phone, smart speaker, headphones, smart home tech, or accessories, there's not only going to be a Prime Day 2020 deal for you, there's likely a deal on Amazon for you right now.

Here are 10 of the most popular products we expect to see Prime Day 2020 deals for:

Amazon Prime Day Images

1. Amazon Echo Show, $179.99 (originally $229.99) [Was just $159.99 for Prime Day last year]

The Amazon Echo Show has a 10-inch screen so you can see visual answers to the questions you ask Alexa. You can also watch your favorite Prime Video shows on the screen, follow along with recipes, and more. Expect to see even bigger deals on this one for Prime Day 2020. 0100 utc to gmt.

2. Google Pixel 3, $389.99(originally $799.00) [Was just $539.00 for Prime Day last year]

The Google Pixel 3 is still one of the best Android phones you can buy, thanks to its clean Android software, amazing cameras, and unique features. This phone is considerably cheaper now than it was last year, so buy away if you want an affordable flagship phone.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10, $599.99 (originally $899.99) and Galaxy S10+, $699.99 (originally $999.99) [Was $599.99/$699.99 for Prime Day last year]

Samsung's Galaxy S10 and S10+ are excellent smartphones with superb cameras and gorgeous edge-to-edge screens, and we anticipate more deals on these phones as Samsung's 2020 flagships release. Now, the phones are back to their Prime Day 2019 prices, so fire away if you're chomping at the bit for a cheaper Samsung flagship.

4. Kindle Oasis with 3 months free Kindle Unlimited, $249.99 (originally $254.99)[Was just $174.99 for Prime Day last year]

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The Kindle Oasis is the best e-reader you can buy, and it's on sale. It has a sleek, slim design and page-turning buttons to make reading ebooks a pleasure. You better believe that Amazon's flagship Kindle will be on sale again.

5. Ring Video Doorbell Pro, $189.00 (originally $249.00) [Was just $169.00 for Prime Day last year]

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro will alert you when there's someone at the door. You can also talk to them whether you're at home or not. These are always a hit for Amazon, so expect more mega discounts. It's definitely cheaper right now, but we could see even steeper discounts for Prime Day 2020.

6. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $199.98 (originally $299.95) [Was just $139.99 for Prime Day last year]

Beats makes great headphones, and the Solo3 on-ears are no exception. They're comfortable, offer great audio quality, and they're wireless. We'll likely see the next generation of Beats before Prime Day 2020, which means lots of excess stock to sell through at discount. [Currently out of stock.]

7. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 40mm), $349.00 (originally $399.00) and (GPS, 44mm), $354 (originally $429) [Was $349.00/$354.00 for Prime Day last year]

The Series 4 Apple Watch will likely be on sale at a steep price slashing. The Series 4 will effectively become what the Series 3 was last year: two generations behind and therefore excellent deals fodder. [Currently out of stock.]

8. Sonos Beam sound bar, $397.87 (originally $499.99) [Was just $359.00 for Prime Day last year]

The Sonos Beam is one of our favorite sound bars, thanks to its Alexa voice control capability, great sound, and ease of use. It's easy to expect to see more discounts on Sonos' flagship speaker. We would wait on this one for a better Prime Day 2020 deal.

9. Apple AirPods with Charging Case, $139.00 (originally $159.00) and with Wireless Charging Case, $169.00 (originally $199.00) [Was just $144.99/$179.00 for Prime Day last year]

AirPods are arguably the most popular truly wireless earbuds you can buy, and they're basically never on sale. Now, these two products are even cheaper than Prime Day of last year, so fire away.

10. Fitbit Alta HR, $99.99 (originally $129.95)[Was just $49.99 for Prime Day last year]

The Fitbit Alta HR is one of the best looking fitness trackers around. Plus, it has a heart rate monitor and it tracks workouts accurately. It's on sale right now, but not for anywhere near as cheap as it was for Prime Day last year.

Keep scrolling to see the best tech deals of Prime Day last year and how much those products cost now at the time of writing.

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