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As you know the IDE is usually a subject of ‘religious’ debate and we want to avoid it. For Java and Angular development you can use any text editor to create the code but here we try to list IDE built to ease the development.

Coding Angular in Eclipse has never been so easy. Watch how you can move in your angular project right in your IDE. Angular IDE is built on top of CodeMix pr. In the meaning time if you are using CodeMix or Angular IDE under an Eclipse 2020-09 you can solve the majority of issues by installing the following compatibility patch: 1. Go to Help Install New Software. Angular IDE for Modern Web in Eclipse. Looking for a unique balance between an Eclipse IDE and a modern web development experience? Then the Angular IDE plugin is ideal for you. It covers the demands of the modern web developer by allowing you to code JavaScript and TypeScript in the Eclipse IDE, as well as use command-line tools. In this tutorial, you will see how to develop your first Angular application using the CodeMix plugin including how to consume a web service. Follow along us.

Usually is your employer or client that decide the tool you have to use and you cannot anything to change his mind.

Here a list of tools that are useful for your Java and Angular development.


Slow backup acronis true image 2020. For Java the 3 leaders are very well known. The best is ‘a matter of preference’.

  • Netbeans : excellent tool and very innovative. Free and, soon, open source.
  • Eclipse : used by most of the companies / developers. Free and Open source.
  • IntelliJ IDEA : preferred by independent consultants and small companies. Very high quality environment. Free and commercial license.


  • WebStorm: Angular and Typescript come out of the box. One of the leader for the web development. Created by JetBrains, the same company that produces Intellij. Great value added if used in combination with Intellij. Commercial license.
  • Visual Studio Code: excellent product with built in support for JavaScript and TypeScript. Free and open source.
  • rising star IDE for the web development. You need to install plugins for Angular. Open source.
  • Sublime Text: excellent IDE for web development. You need to install plugins for Angular. Free and commercial license.
  • Netbeans: the Netbeans team invested a lot of energies to extend his Java IDE to the web. Angular doesn’t come out of the box. A plugin is required.
  • Eclipse: eclipse depends a lot from his plugins universe and volunteers that use their time to extend the platform. There are some plugins that can help you for the web development but I’d suggest to look at other tools.

For this website we will use a combination of tools (trying to compare them) with a preference for free and open source tools.

We will try to use mainly Netbeans for Java and Visual Studio Code for Angular.

If I had the choice, in a professional environment, I’d choose IntelliJ IDEA (and WebStorm).

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A light-weighted, ready-to-use Angular Development Tool. The revolutionary Angular Template Html Editor allows you to visually view, edit and inspect your Angular Component Template

  • What's included?
  1. TypeScript and Angular Micro Syntax Language syntax parser generated from grammar files written in ANTLR
  2. A TypeScript Editor that supports real-time syntax parsing and coloring, code folding/expanding, auto completion proposals, hyperlink and navigation, syntax and semantic problem detecting and quick fix proposal, element renaming, source code formatting
  3. Two-page Angular Template Html Editor * - 'Source' page is a wrapper of Eclipse WTP html editor so you can edit source code directly. 'Design' page comes with a flyout components palette. It provides a design view of component template. What you see here will be what you'll get at runtime. Working together with Comopnent Palette, Outline View, Property View and Component Inspector view, you can interact with and manupinate the template design view and Angular Component.
  4. Extensions to Eclipse WTP html editor for Angular templates editing - auto completion proposals, hyperlink and navigation, syntax and semantic problem detecting
  5. A View to show all references of element selected in TypeScript Editor
  6. TypeScript code structure Outline Page
  7. Internal model manager to maintain integrity of TypeScript and Angular model, dependencies and relations between elements and modules
  • Installation requirements:
Angular ide eclipse 10
  1. Eclipse Version and Plugins required : Eclipse version should not matter but must be installed with JDT (Eclipse Java development tools) and Eclipse Web Developer Tools (from Eclipse WTP project)
  2. Memory : It’s strongly recommended that “-Xmx” option in “eclipse.ini” file is configured to no less than 1536 M '-Xmx1536m'
  3. Angular CLI, TypeScript compiler and npm
  4. This plugin is designed to work together with Angular CLI, TypeScript compiler and NodeJs npm. Make sure you have npm installed first and then use npm to install & maintain Angular CLI and TypeScript compiler
  • How to start
  1. Have an Angular project in your Eclipse workspace or create a new one.
  2. Open any TypeScript source file with the TypeScript editor called 'ADT TsEditor' or open Angular Template with 'Angular Template Html Editor'
  • Angular,
  • TypeScript,
  • component,
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