Better Homes And Gardens Over The Toilet Storage


“Aplace for everything and everything in its place.” No one is sure who firstcoined that proverb, but we’ve been trying to implement it since at least thelate 18th century. Here are a few DIY storage ideas that may make life in the21st century a little easier—or at least a little less cluttered.

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Bedroom DIY Storage Ideas

Forthe price of a package of shower rings and a hanger, you could potentially freeup an entire drawer if you slip the shower rings over the bottom rung of ahanger and use it to store your scarves. Mount it to the back of your closetdoor and your scarves will be accessible and won’t get wrinkled.

Awooden hanger can become an ideal storage device for jewelry, especiallynecklaces and dangly earrings. Just add eye screws at small, even intervals andhook them through the eye screws.

Under-bedstorage is always a great idea. While you can buy beds that come with drawersunderneath, you can also create your own. Use shallow dresser drawers to whichyou’ve added wheels and you’ll be able to slide them under the bed. The wheelswill make them easier to access when the summer turns to fall and you suddenlyneed to grab a sweater but aren’t yet ready to do the summer/winter clothingtransfer. They’ll also make cleaning under the bed a lot easier, too.

Littlewooden spice racks make both perfect displays andstorage containers for perfume bottles, nail polish, or other cosmetics.

Bathroom DIY Storage Ideas

Unlessyou have one for every single family member, bathrooms can be storagenightmares. There are only four corners to a bathtub, and those corners fill upfast when everyone in the family likes to use a different kind of shampoo. Hangfruit baskets from your shower rod and store shampoos, conditioners, nailbrushes, loofahs, and body sponges in the baskets. They’re also a great placeto store small bath toys.

Pedestalsinks have been in vogue for a while now, and for good reason: their clean,elegant lines make modern sinks the bathroom focal point and they introduce afeeling of space to what’s usually the smallest room in a house. That said,everyone who’s bought a house with one or replaced an old vanity with apedestal sink has been faced with the dilemma of where to store their bathroomcleaning products. The solution may be to create a shallow, narrow cupboardbetween the joists in your bathroom walls. Maybe even two, one on either sideof the sink.


Alarge wine rack mounted on a bathroom wall makes for idea towel storage. Alera elusion desk chair. Youcan build your own or buy one. Or you can mount a series of baskets to the walland store towels, face cloths, and small appliances like hair dryers, curlingirons, beard trimmers and electric razors in the baskets.


Don’tforget to use the space above yourtoiletand above your towel racks. Install floating shelves and use glass jars tostore cotton swabs, facial wipes, makeup remover pads, hair elastics and bobbypins or hair clips.

Craft Room and Home Office StorageIdeas

Walmart Over The Toilet Storage

Anold muffin tin will fit nicely in even the shallowest desk drawer, and itautomatically gives you a dozen small compartments to store paper clips, pushpins, elastics, and USB drives. If the drawer is wide enough, add a kitchencutlery tray and you’ve got storage for pens, markers, scissors, rolls of tape,and charger cords.

Revolvingcountertop spice racks with clear glass bottles are perfect for small craftsupplies like pins, needles, buttons, beads, and sequins. If your craft roomhas a closet, take the door off and add more shelving. You can still use thecurtain rod and pants or skirt hangers to hang folded fabric or scrapbookingsupplies.

Rustic Over The Toilet Storage

Pickup an old dresser at a flea market, paint it with chalk paint, and storecrafting tools and supplies in the drawers. Dividers are always a good idea.You can buy them or make your own out of cardboard covered in wallpaper. Or youcould invest in some more dollar store kitchen cutlery trays.

Better Homes And Gardens Over Toilet Storage

Ifyour closet has a bifold door, don’t throw it out or store it in the garage.Mount it to the wall and buy some decorative hooks so you can hang scissors andother tools or rolls of ribbon from the hooks. There’s a reason those homeworkshop pegboards with tools outlined became so popular: they work. Not onlycan you see where your tools are at any given time, there’s also no doubt wherethey belong.Once you’ve analyzedthe space available to you and the possessions you need to store, you’re wellon your way to creating a place for everything. After that, keeping everythingin its place will be a lot easier.