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Eve Online is a fairly long-lived and popular MMORPG-RTS, which has over half a million players in its 12 active years. Eve Online is more than an MMORPG, it is a galaxy-wide simulator where players will have to explore trade and fight in galactic battles to survive. Among all the unique features of this game, the one that stands out the most is undoubtedly the fact that in Eve Online it is your own players who establish and control the entire economy within this game. The developer of Eve Online (CCP Games) simply provided the rules, the universe and its proper maintenance. From this point on, players have taken care of everything else: managing solar systems, building fleets, creating alliances and fighting each other for control of resources.

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For this reason, Cally decided to create a themed clan with the goal of becoming a bank within Eve Online, which ended up being called “EVE Intergalactic Bank”. The function of this virtual bank was very similar to that of any other bank, this one was dedicated to give loans to the players and could also collect them.


After all this, EveOnline has become a massive utopia full of huge virtual corporations that arededicated to control various areas, which end up affecting the entire economywithin the game. EVE Online has achieved such a large economic development thatits virtual money called ISK (Inter-Stellar Kredits) has a value in the realeconomy.

  1. EVE Online is a community-driven space MMO where every player controls a spaceship in a vast, procedurally-generated galaxy. Players are able to mine, manufacture, trade, explore, and destroy other player's ships. Eve Online is renowned for it's incredibly complex and player-driven economy, with the creator of the game, CCP Games, even hiring a professional economist.
  2. The Ultimate Investment Scam (EVE) Continue Reading Below. Player 'Cally' won at EVE Online.
  3. 1) Player Cally starts the EVE Investment Bank in early 2006 2) A lot of drama goes on in the mean time with people sticking up for the EIB and others calling it a scam 3) Cally's owner decides it's been long enough and cleans out the bank, netting around 700bil in ISK.

Amazon photos family vault albums. This MMORPG has asystem that allows you to convert everything into dollars, where each item orship in this game can be paid in ISK or its equivalent value in dollars. Forthis reason, gaming marketplaces that are dedicated to buy Eve Online ISKare considerably requested,since players who work inside the game and earn ISK; usually want to sell themto get real money.

Eve Online has becomequite popular thanks to the enormous amount of achievements and events thathave originated their players, for example: Eve Online holds the record of thebiggest battle perpetrated in a videogame, which had 20,000 players fightingeach other in different groups and clans for 24 hours, this event ended upgenerating damage that reached thousands of dollars. But in addition to thatcase, Eve Online also has another rather curious anecdote, which is currentlyknown as the biggest scam ever perpetrated in the history of videogames.

This curious storybegins when a player called “Cally”, began to realize that playershad to make a lot of effort trying to get resources and ISK in order to buildships, and also observed that companies became more powerful with the work ofthe players who work for them. For this reason, Cally decided to create athemed clan with the goal of becoming a bank within Eve Online, which ended upbeing called “EVE Intergalactic Bank”.

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The function of thisvirtual bank was very similar to that of any other bank, this one was dedicatedto give loans to the players and could also collect them. The loans offered bythis bank helped the players who wanted to get enough resources and build theirships, taking into account that they had to work to pay their debts. Cally wasthe manager of this bank for months, and its success was so great that itgenerated incredible amounts of money.

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All this was goingpretty well until Cally suddenly decided to withdraw all the money from thebank, which was 790 billion ISK (equivalent to about $175,000), then fired allher employees and disappeared completely.

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Subsequently, itbecame known that Cally had spent the money on the following: he first boughtthe most powerful ship in the entire game, and then offered the rest of themoney as a reward to whoever managed to kill him in the game. After manyattempts by the players, nothing was achieved, and then Cally uploaded a videoon the internet where he made fun of all those who believed in him.

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This big scam was aterrible event at Eve Online and not only demonstrated the results of anunworthy, but meticulous plan made by a scammer, but also demonstrated theproblems that can arise when players control the entire economy of an MMORPGwithout much intervention from its developers.