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Chrome Canary is a frequently-updated experimental build of Google's flagship browser, that gets the latest changes before any other version.

If you sign on for the Google Chrome Canary channel, be warned, it receives daily updates and Google points out that Chrome Canary shouldn't be regularly used and is unable to be set as your default browser. War thunder kv-1e. That said, it can be installed and utilized alongside the stable version - you can even use it on your Android device.

  1. We all know that Chrome has many editions, such as Stable Channel Chrome, Beta Channel Chrome, Dev Channel Chrome, Canary Build Chrome and Chromium, etc., however Google official only published the online installer for download, which may lead to the failure of installation for some countries and regions when they install Chrome online with the Google servers’ no-response for a long time.
  2. Chrome Canary offline installer 64-bit: 64-bit Get on the bleeding edge of the web. /© Google Note – Canary pulled out, and does not have an option for Standalone as other chrome variants Because of Canary browsers update at least once a day, sorry for that.

Sounds good? Well, maybe, but there are problems. In particular, Canary's rapid updates come at the expense of manual testing, and so you may be trying out some new tweak that no human being has ever checked to confirm that it works. Sometimes this may work well, but even Google describe Canary as 'a highly unstable browser that will often break completely', so there are clearly no guarantees.

Still, you can install Canary to run alongside the regular version of Chrome, so there's no need to choose between the two. You can easily run Canary for general, ad-hoc browsing, turning to Chrome when you need to carry out important tasks, like online banking, or if Canary just seems too unreliable.

There's no need to worry about manual updates, either, as Canary will automatically update itself daily (well, more or less). And so if you're a Chrome fan, or would just like to see where the browser is going next, then the program could well be worth a look.

Note that this build is designed specifically for Windows 64-bit PCs.

Use with caution.


An interesting, if sometimes very unreliable look at upcoming Google Chrome technology

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The normal Chrome and Canary download is a small 800~ kilobyte program. Upon running, this program downloads the remaining part of itself (approximately 40 megabytes) before installing. If you prefer, you can alternately make it download the whole program at once, which is great for installing in offline situations.
To do this, go to the normal Chrome download page, and add ?standalone=1 to the end of the URL, like this:
For regular Chrome:
ChromeFor Chrome Canary:

Installing In Program Files

Another option is to add system=true to the URL, which will download an installer that installs Chrome into the Program FilesCanary

Chrome Canary Download

folder instead of the AppData folder. Unfortunately, this only works with Chrome and not Canary.
To get a Chrome installer that installs in the

Chrome Canary Offline Installer

Program Files

Canary Chrome Edge

folder, use this URL:

Chrome Canary Windows 10

Free Download Google Chrome Canary