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  2. Handy Keyboard Shortcuts To Shut Down Mac Or Make Mac Sleep ..

Shutdown or Restart Mac OS X Using Terminal is the great way to Shutdown Mac OS Properly. Suppose your Mac Computer having any problem and can’t able to Click on Apple Menu then use command Line to shutdown and Restart your Computer. There is also a command for Time shutdown means that you can set time to shutdown PC on that Specified time. There is Many feature like sleep, Log Off, Reboot and Shutdown Mac OS.

Shutdown Mac OS Using Terminal

Press and hold the power button to force your Mac to shut down. You can also force shutdown your Mac by pressing the Control+Option+Command+Eject keystroke combination. Generally, a force shutdown is handy if your entire Mac suddenly freezes or hangs, making it unresponsive. Press the power button to turn on the Mac or wake from sleep. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds without lifting to force your Mac to turn off. Press and hold power button for 1.5 seconds to get the turn off dialog. This dialog will ask if you want to restart, shutdown or put the Mac to sleep. Common shutdown causes include 5 which indicates a normal shutdown, 3 which indicates a hard shutdown (i.e. Holding the power button), and 0 which indicates the power was disconnected. A full list of shutdown causes can be found here: Shutdown Causes. There used to be a keyboard command that would shutdown WITHOUT showing a window with choices or asking you to confirm. When you knew you wanted to shutdown, you could hit the keys and walk away. It was COMMAND-OPTION-CONTROL-EJECT. Now that the MacBook Pro's don't have an eject key, you can't do it. Sudo shutdown -r now This command will perform a restart on your Mac immediately. You can replace the “-r” with an “-h” to halt (shut down) the system instead of restarting it, and can change “now” to some number to indicate seconds until the shutdown or restart takes place.

1. First of all to Launch Terminal, Click on Go Menu Bar then Click on Applications.

2. Now on the Application Windows Click on Utilities and then Click on Terminal Icon.

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3. Now Terminal Windows Opened then Type below Command to Shutdown Mac OS X Immediately.

sudo shutdown -h now

Now it will ask for Mac PC Password, Put Password and then Press Enter. Then you will see that your computer will shutdown automatic within second.

Reboot Mac OS Using Command Line

Command Shut Down Mac

To Reboot Mac OS using Command line type below Command in Command Line,

Command shut down minus s minus t1800

sudo shutdown -r now

Now your Computer will Reboot Automatically with in second.

Shutdown Mac OS in Certain Time

To Shutdown Computer within specified time then Type the below command on your Command Line , then Press Enter , Now it will ask for System Password Put Password and Press Enter.

sudo shutdown -h +10

Now after 10 Minute your Computer will Shutdown Automatic .R eve echoes.

Shutdown Mac OS Certain Date and Time


There is also great feature in Command line that you can Shutdown your Mac PC on Specified Date and Time, Type Below Command on Command Line like below Format.

sudo shutdown -h yymmddhhmm

yy – Represent Year

mm – Represent Moth

dd – Represent date

DownCommand line shutdown machine

hh – Represent Hour

mm – Represent Minutes

Suppose you want your Computer Will automatic shutdown on 25 Feb , 2015 date and Time 22:00 O’Clock. then you have to type Command and Press Enter.

sudo shutdown -h 1502252200

Command Shutdown Cancel

Now Type Password of your Mac PC then Press Enter.

Handy Keyboard Shortcuts To Shut Down Mac Or Make Mac Sleep ..

After Put Password It will show Information that On which date and time your Computer Will Shutdown. Now you have learned from this Article to Schedule Shutdown Mac PC on Specified date and Time.