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Greenwich Mean Time and Central Standard Time Converter Calculator, GMT and CST Conversion Table.

Time Difference. Central Daylight Time is 5 hours behind of Greenwich Mean Time 11:30 pm 23:30 in CDT is 4:30 am 04:30 in GMT. CST to GMT call time Best time for a conference call or a meeting is between 8am-12pm in CST which corresponds to 2pm-6pm in GMT. Daylight saving time (DST) is in effect in much of the Central time zone between mid-March and early November. The modified time is called 'Central Daylight Time' (CDT) and is UTC−05:00. In Canada, Saskatchewan does not observe a time change. That will end up being between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM in GMT. The chart on the right shows overlapping times. Schedule a phone call from CST to GMT. If you live in CST and you want to call a friend in GMT, you can try calling them between 2:00 AM and 6:00 PM your time. This will be between 7AM - 11PM their time, since GMT is 5 hours ahead of CST6CDT. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is often interchanged or confused with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). But GMT is a time zone and UTC is a time standard. Although GMT and UTC share the same current time in practice, there is a basic difference between the two: GMT is a time zone officially used in some European and African countries.

Central Standard Time is the time zone of the central US and Canada, as well as Mexico and most of Central America. It is six hours behind UTC and is observed during the winter months. In the summer CST becomes CDT – Central Daylight Time. It is important to remember that not all locations in a given state or province necessarily use the time zone – make sure to check the situation for your exact location!

Countries observing CST:

CST is observed in the US, Canada, Mexico and all of Central America (including Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras). In the US it is only the states in the central parts that observes CST, from Wisconsin in the West to Tennessee in the East, and from Michigan in the North to Florida in the South. Similarly, only Canadian provinces in the middle of the country observe CST. With the exception of the North West corner, all of Mexico observes CST.

Difference Between Gmt And Cst Time

Example of states observing Central Standard Time:

Mexico: México (including Mexico City), Oaxaca, Yucatán, San Luis Potosi, Chiapas and more. War thunder f14.

Canada: Saskatchewan (only Creighton and Denare Beach), Manitoba and most ports of Ontario

Difference Between Gmt And Cst

US: Nebraska, Wisconsin, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Illinois to mention a few.

Daylight Saving Time

Most locations in Central Standard Time observe summer time between March and November, then calling it CDT – Central Daylight Time. It is always advisable to check the exact location (e.g. using our time zone converter) instead of relying on time zone abbreviations as there are sometimes exceptions, e.g. some states in the US are split between two time zones.

About GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, is the zero when it comes to time zones – they are all counted from the zero meridian that runs through the village of Greenwich.


While both the UK and Portugal are officially on GMT you need to pay attention to whether they are actually observing it or are using their own. Britain in the summer for example use British Summer Time – which is different than GMT.

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Common cities using GMT:

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London, Lisbon, Dublin, Edinburgh

Difference Between Gmt And Cst Time Zone

Daylight Saving Time and summer time:

Difference Between Cdt And Cst

GMT does not observe DST as it is the zero hour time zone – it never changes.