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EVE Online Ships is a comprehensive database of ships from the EVE Online MMORPG. All the four main races are covered, as well as pirates and faction ships: Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari, navy and pirate factions, even space stations, planets, ore and more. Here are some examples of EVE ships screenshots and wallpapers. CCP Games has launched the first Quadrant event for 2021 in EVE Online, titled Reign, which ushers in a new chapter in the player-driven history of New Eden. The new Quadrant updates feature a focus on space combat tactical supremacy by way of the new Formations mechanic, as well as bringing back the Guardian's Gala, Abyssal Proving Grounds, and The Hunt events. A new ship has been added. It's bigger than the Orca and can transport ships packaged (dec 9th patch): The Bowhead. A.) Pay someone for a courier contract to move them. B.) If you have the skill get a bowhead and move them all at once. C.) Fly the ships and go back in a pod/shuttle. EVE ships have different purposes. Venture is more of a mining ship. You can open an icon called ISIS from the menu bar on the left to look at the different ships and how they're classified. You unlock the ability to fly ships by buying skill (text)books and training them. The skills are in the market, in the Spaceship Command category.

FrigatesExecutioner ▪ Inquisitor ▪ Tormentor ▪ Crucifier ▪ Punisher ▪ MagnateCondor ▪ Bantam ▪ Kestrel ▪ Griffin ▪ Merlin ▪ HeronAtron ▪ Navitas ▪ Tristan ▪ Maulus ▪ Incursus ▪ ImicusSlasher ▪ Burst ▪ Breacher ▪ Vigil ▪ Rifter ▪ Probe
Navy Faction FrigatesImperial Navy Slicer ▪ Crucifier Navy IssueCaldari Navy Hookbill ▪ Griffin Navy IssueFederation Navy Comet ▪ Maulus Navy IssueRepublic Fleet Firetail ▪ Vigil Fleet Issue
Assault FrigatesVengeance ▪ RetributionHawk ▪ HarpyIshkur ▪ EnyoWolf ▪ Jaguar
Covert OpsAnathema ▪ PurifierManticore ▪ BuzzardNemesis ▪ HeliosCheetah ▪ Hound
Electronic Attack FrigatesSentinelKitsuneKeresHyena
InterceptorsCrusader ▪ MaledictionCrow ▪ RaptorTaranis ▪ AresClaw ▪ Stiletto
Logistics FrigatesDeaconKirinThaliaScalpel
DestroyersCoercer ▪ DragoonCormorant ▪ CoraxCatalyst ▪ AlgosThrasher ▪ Talwar
Command DestroyersPontifexStorkMagusBifrost
Tactical DestroyersConfessorJackdawHecateSvipul
CruisersArbitrator ▪ Maller ▪ Augoror ▪ OmenMoa ▪ Blackbird ▪ Osprey ▪ CaracalCelestis ▪ Exequror ▪ Vexor ▪ ThoraxStabber ▪ Rupture ▪ Bellicose ▪ Scythe
Navy Faction CruisersAugoror Navy Issue ▪ Omen Navy IssueCaracal Navy Issue ▪ Osprey Navy IssueExequror Navy Issue ▪ Vexor Navy IssueScythe Fleet Issue ▪ Stabber Fleet Issue
Heavy Assault CruisersZealot ▪ SacrilegeEagle ▪ CerberusIshtar ▪ DeimosVagabond ▪ Muninn
Heavy Interdiction CruisersDevoterOnyxPhobosBroadsword
Logistics CruisersGuardianBasiliskOneirosScimitar
Recon ShipsCurse ▪ PilgrimFalcon ▪ RookArazu ▪ LachesisHuginn ▪ Rapier
Strategic CruisersLegionTenguProteusLoki
BattlecruisersProphecy ▪ Harbinger ▪ OracleDrake ▪ Ferox ▪ NagaBrutix ▪ Myrmidon ▪ TalosHurricane ▪ Cyclone ▪ Tornado
Navy Faction BattlecruisersHarbinger Navy IssueDrake Navy IssueBrutix Navy IssueHurricane Fleet Issue
Command ShipsDamnation ▪ AbsolutionVulture ▪ NighthawkAstarte ▪ EosClaymore ▪ Sleipnir
BattleshipsAbaddon ▪ Apocalypse ▪ ArmageddonScorpion ▪ Raven ▪ RokhHyperion ▪ Megathron ▪ DominixTempest ▪ Typhoon ▪ Maelstrom
Navy Faction BattleshipsApocalypse Navy Issue ▪ Armageddon Navy IssueScorpion Navy Issue ▪ Raven Navy IssueMegathron Navy Issue ▪ Dominix Navy IssueTempest Fleet Issue ▪ Typhoon Fleet Issue
Black OpsRedeemerWidowSinPanther
Force AuxiliariesApostleMinokawaNinazuLif
Jump FreightersArkRheaAnsharNomad
Standard Industrial ShipsBestower ▪ SigilBadger ▪ TayraNereus ▪ Kryos ▪ Epithal ▪ Miasmos ▪ Iteron Mark VHoarder ▪ Mammoth ▪ Wreathe
Transport ShipsProrator ▪ ImpelCrane ▪ BustardViator ▪ OccatorMastodon ▪ Prowler
OREVenture ▪ Prospect ▪ Endurance ▪ Covetor ▪ Retriever ▪ Procurer ▪ Hulk ▪ Skiff ▪ Mackinaw ▪ Noctis ▪ Porpoise ▪ Orca ▪ Bowhead ▪ Rorqual
Pirate Faction ShipsAngel CartelBlood RaidersGuristasMordu's LegionSansha's NationSerpentisSisters of EVE
Force AuxiliariesDagonLoggerhead
Special Edition Ships
ShuttlesApotheosis ▪ Interbus Shuttle ▪ Leopard
FrigatesEchelon ▪ Echo ▪ Hematos ▪ Immolator ▪ Taipan ▪ Violator ▪ Zephyr ▪ Gold Magnate ▪ Inner Zone Shipping Imicus ▪ Sarum Magnate ▪ Silver Magnate ▪ Sukuuvestaa Heron ▪ Tash-Murkon Magnate ▪ Vherokior Probe
Assault FrigatesCambion ▪ Freki ▪ Malice ▪ Utu
Covert OpsChremoas ▪ Caedes ▪ Pacifier ▪ Virtuoso
InterceptorsImp ▪ Whiptail
DestroyersAliastra Catalyst ▪ Inner Zone Shipping Catalyst ▪ Intaki Syndicate Catalyst ▪ InterBus Catalyst ▪ Sunesis ▪Nefantar Thrasher ▪ Quafe Catalyst
CruisersGuardian-Vexor ▪ Victorieux Luxury Yacht
Heavy Assault CruisersAdrestia ▪ Mimir ▪ Vangel
Heavy Interdiction CruisersFiend
Logistics CruisersEtana ▪ Rabisu
Recon ShipsChameleon ▪ Moracha ▪ Enforcer ▪ Victor
BattleshipsScorpion Ishukone Watch ▪ Apocalypse Imperial Issue ▪ Armageddon Imperial Issue ▪ Praxis ▪ Raven State Issue ▪ Megathron Federate Issue ▪ Tempest Tribal Issue
Black OpsMarshal
IndustrialPrimae ▪ Miasmos Amastris Edition ▪ Miasmos Quafe Ultra Edition ▪ Miasmos Quafe Ultramarine Edition

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EVE Vegas Ship Balance Panel: New Ships, FAX Changes

At this year’s EVE Vegas, CCP Rise presented the Ship & Module Balance Panel, giving players a taste of what CCP has planned for the Winter Expansion and beyond. The offerings ranged from rebalancing Force Auxiliaries to brand new Triglavian ships and new mutaplasmid options. The next iteration of the ECM changes is also on the way and Rise even hinted at upcoming changes to the Navy hulls.

EVE Vegas Offers Triglavians Galore


The Triglavians will have a massive expansion to their lineup, with four new ships. This marks one of the largest batches of new ships in recent memory, especially for a single faction. The line-up is expanding to include a destroyer and a battlecruiser, as well as the second Triglavian cruiser design. This one is the Zarmazd support cruiser, but that’s not all. CCP is releasing the “First Non Empire Tech 2 Ship”: the T2 Logistics Cruiser version of the Zarmazd. Both the Zarmazd and its T2 cousin, the Rodiva, will use existing remote repair modules (presumably armor) with a Triglavian twist: the longer they’re running on a single target, the more effective they become.

Kikimora – Precursor Destroyer

Slots: 2 High / 3 Mid / 4 Low
Precursor Destroyer Bonus:

  • 10% disintegrator damage per level
  • 20% disintegrator range per level

Role Bonus:

  • 50% disintegrator range
  • 100% remote repair range (RR)
  • 50% reduction in neut/RR/smart bomb cap requirement

Drekavac – Precursor Battlecruiser

Slots: 4 High / 4 Mid / 7 Low
Precursor Battlecruiser Bonus:

  • 4% armor resistance per level
  • 10% disintegrator damage per level

Role Bonus:

  • 25% disintegrator optimal range
  • Can fit command burst modules
  • 100% remote RR
  • 50% reduction in neut/RR/smart bomb cap requirement

Zarmazd – Precursor Cruiser (Not pictured)

  • Precursor Logi Cruiser
  • Will use current Remote Repair Modules
  • RR increases over time
  • Stats on slots and bonus are not finalized
  • 3D model was not complete at the time of the presentation

Rodiva – Precursor Cruiser Tech 2

  • Precursor Logi Cruiser
  • Will use current Remote Repair Modules
  • RR increases over time
  • Stats on slots and bonus are not finalized, yet.

Where are the Materials?

With four new blueprints among the Abyssal Deadspace resources, how are these new material demands going to be balanced, particularly if CCP is saying they want the price of Precursor ships to come down? CCP has two ways to achieve this. The first is through Fleet Abyssal Deadspace; fleets of up to three frigates can enter an Abyssal Deaspace pocket with three times the loot. The second method, announced today, is Triglavian Drilling Platforms.

Triglavian Drilling Platforms will be structures inside Abyssal Deadspace, found on asteroids within the Abyssal pocket. A player can destroy and loot the platforms to collect extra resources. They must be careful, though: killing these structures will take time. And in the Abyss, time is precious, and the 20-minute timer will stay the same, platforms or no.

More Mutaplasmids

Capsuleers have requested Weapon (Turrets and Launchers) Mutaplasmids since their introduction. Due to the effects of Mutaplasmids not being uniform, one of their key attractors, grouping weapons wouldn’t be possible. Disintegrators are used solo, making the grouping issue mute. Therefore, CCP announced Mutaplasmids for disintegrators, but wait, Mutaplasmids for damage mods are coming too! Up to a 20% increase to damage and rate of fire (ROF) bonus for unstables. No data on the potential downside rolls.

Damage Mod Mutaplasmids

  • Drone Damage Amplifiers
  • Gyrostabilizers
  • Magnetic Field Stabilizers
  • Ballistic Control Systems
  • Heat Sinks
  • Entropic Radiation Sinks

More Ship Balance Changes

ECM Update

ECM Bonused Ship will receive the following buffs with additional changes to come in the future:

  • +10% ECM Strength for all Jammers
  • +20 Optimal Range for all Jammers
  • Signature Radius reduction of 5-10%
  • Fitting increased for some hulls:
    • Widow
    • Rook
    • Falcon

FAX Balance Proposal v2

Ships Eve Online

In mid July, when CCP posted their proposed FAX Balance changes, the community quickly alerted them to the fact that CCP wasn’t taking the entire player base into consideration. Listening to the requested feedback, CCP placed the FAX changes on hold to get a better understanding of the needs of capsuleers. This time around, they laid out a better picture of the problems Force Auxiliaries bring.

Amazon card pictures. In order to address the problems with FAXs, Rise unveiled a new set of changes the balance team had worked out. CCP Rise did say, however, that capital ships, from FAXs up to Titans, represent a complicated set of difficult problems. It may take time to fix them all.

Proposal v2

  • Capital Remote Armor Repairers & Remote Shield Transfers duration increased 20%
    • Armor 15 seconds (was 12s)
    • Shield 20s (was 16s)
  • Capital Emergency Hull Energizers
    • Reduced resistance bonus to 95% (was 99.9%)
    • Reduced duration to 16 seconds (was 22s)
  • Capital Ancillary Shield Boosters – Limited to One per ship
  • Bonus to capacitor pool and bonus to cap injector amount remove from all FAX hulls

CCP Rise expects a devblog and forum posts to come this week.

Navy Ship Update


The Hurricane Fleet Issue is at a fair usage level, but the rest are under-utilized. The balance pass for Navy ships, though announced earlier at FanFest, has been delayed, as CCP’s analysis reveals that more than just the battlecruisers need attention. As a result, Rise expects the planned overhaul of Navy ships to include the whole range, from frigates to battleships. Some possible changes mentioned included stats based on standing, but the observers seemed unenthused.

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