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EVE for me is both fun to read AND really fun to play, sure it takes a little to pay my sub with in-game activities but it's smooth sailing after that which only takes me like one or two days, equating to anywhere between 1 to 10 hours. Ive never touched Eve. The closest to an intergalactic 'MMO' is No Man's Sky and that multiplayer is barely coming around. Trying to see if this game is still worth going all in for. I want to be able to master a game and make it worthwhile. Im not looking to PvP because there are things going on in that game that I have no clue about.

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Best pakistani dramas. Skills:Production
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Invention is the means by which you produce blueprint copies for Tech 2 items and ships in EVE, which can then be sold on the market, or (more popularly) be used to manufacture those items for sale or personal use in the game.

A player using the invention process takes a blueprint copy (BPC) for a Tech 1 item, adds certain specialized equipment, and attempts to create a BPC for a corresponding Tech 2 item. Although it sounds simple, invention can be very expensive and difficult to do successfully.

The (hopefully) created BPC will have a single run on a ship BPC, and 10 runs on everything else. Regardless of the research performed on the T1 BPC, the result will have exactly ME 2% and TE 4%.[1] However, Runs, ME and TE levels on the created BPC can be adjusted using decryptors (see optional items below).

For a quick history of Tech II manufacturing, see the section at the bottom of this page.

  • 1Skills Required
  • 2Items required
  • 3The invention process
  • 4Maximizing invention success

Skills Required

You need to train several different types of skills in order to perform the invention process:

  • Basic Science and Engineering skills - Almost all of the invention processes require the following skills:
    • Mechanics (1x) V
    • Power Grid Management (1x) V
    • CPU Management (1x) V
  • There are six faction and one Sleeper encryption methods skills. Each T2 item is associated with one of racial encryption methods, while Sleeper one is required for inventing T3 hulls and subsystems.
    • Amarr Encryption Methods (5x)
    • Caldari Encryption Methods (5x)
    • Gallente Encryption Methods (5x)
    • Minmatar Encryption Methods (5x)
    • Sleeper Encryption Methods (4x)
    • Triglavian Encryption Methods (4x)
    • Upwell Encryption Methods (5x)
  • Each racial faction also has two advanced science skills associated with it. The Triglavian faction has one. The advanced science skills are:
    • Amarr Starship Engineering (5x)
    • Caldari Starship Engineering (5x)
    • Gallente Starship Engineering (5x)
    • Minmatar Starship Engineering (5x)
    • Triglavian Quantum Engineering (5x)
    • Electromagnetic Physics (5x)
    • Electronic Engineering (5x)
    • Graviton Physics (5x)
    • High Energy Physics (5x)
    • Hydromagnetic Physics (5x)
    • Laser Physics (5x)
    • Mechanical Engineering (5x)
    • Molecular Engineering (5x)
    • Nanite Engineering (5x)
    • Nuclear Physics (5x)
    • Plasma Physics (5x)
    • Quantum Physics (5x)
    • Rocket Science (5x)

An inventor must have the proper encryption method skill and the two science skills trained, as required for each item, in order to start an Invention job. Higher skill levels of the encryption methods and science skills lead to a better chance of invention. In order to see which skills are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item.

For example, this Inferno Rocket Blueprint (see right) requires:

  • Rocket Science I
    • Mechanics V
    • Science V
  • Electronic Engineering I
    • Science V
    • CPU Management V
  • Caldari Encryption Methods I
    • Hacking II
      • Electronics Upgrades III
        • CPU Management II
        • Power Grid Management II
      • Science III

You should train the encryption method skills to at least level 3, and the science skills at least to level 4, to have a good chance of invention success.

Other Related Skills

Laboratory Operation and Advanced Laboratory Operation will govern how many concurrent science jobs you can perform. Scientific Networking will govern from how many jumps away you can start science jobs.

Worth mentioning here, but completely useless to invention, are four further Science skills that are not used at all in invention. These are:
  • Sleeper Technology (5x)
  • Takmahl Technology (5x)
  • Talocan Technology (5x)
  • Yan Jung Technology (5x)
They are used exclusively in the manufacture of storyline modules, which are obtainable as BPCs from COSMOS missions. Note that the Sleeper Technology skill, despite its name, is not used for T3 production - you want Sleeper Encryption Methods (4x) for T3 production.

Items required

There are 3 mandatory items and 1 optional item needed for invention. To find out which items are required, look in the Invention tab in a blueprint for any Tech I item, or load the blueprint into the Industry window and choose Invention.

Mandatory Items

  1. Blueprint copy
    • You must have a T1 blueprint copy (BPC) of the T2 item you wish to create. Whether the invention job is successful or not, this BPC will be returned to you with one fewer runs remaining on it. If it only has one run remaining, it will be consumed.
    • The ME, TE and Runs Remaining on the input BPC are irrelevant.
    • Not all items have T2 versions. To check this, open the Information window for a T1 item and look at the 'Variations' tab. If a T2 version is shown there, then a T1 BPC for that item can be used to create a T2 BPC.
  2. Datacores
    • Each invention job will require two types of datacores. The number of datacores needed depends on the size of the object created. Small modules only require one datacore of each type while battleships require 32 of each type.
    • Datacores are primarily obtained through Factional Warfare loyalty point stores. They can also be 'farmed' from Research agents, although much less effectively, whilst some datacores can be found in exploration sites. However obtained, they tend to end up on the market, in the Manufacture & Research > Research Equipment > Datacores tab.
    • Whether the invention job is successful or not, these datacores will be consumed.

Optional Item

Selecting a decryptor
  1. Decryptors (recommended for big expensive invention jobs, like T2 ships)
    • Decryptors are an optional item that can be added to the invention process. Decryptors affect the invention chance of the process as well as the material efficiency, time efficiency, and number of runs of the created T2 BPC. Decryptors will be consumed during the Invention process, successful or not.
    • Add the values from the decryptor to the base values to calculate the final outcome of the T2 BPC.
    • Excellent guide to decryptors: http://eve-prosper.blogspot.com/2013/07/everything-you-never-wanted-to-know.html NOTE: pre-Crius guide, use with caution
    • The different types of decryptors are:
      • Accelerant Decryptor
      • Attainment Decryptor
      • Augmentation Decryptor
      • Parity Decryptor
      • Process Decryptor
      • Symmetry Decryptor
      • Optimized Attainment Decryptor
      • Optimized Augmentation Decryptor

Decryptor Stats
DecryptorProbability Multiplier (% from 100%)RunsMaterial Efficiency ModifierTime Efficiency Modifier
Optimized Attainment+90+2+1-2
Optimized Augmentation-10+7+20

The invention process

Gather your BPC, all mandatory items and any optional items you desire to use in a station, citadel, or engineering complex with invention facilities. Engineering complexes provide significant innate reductions (from 15% to 30% depending on complex size) to job duration and installation cost, and further reductions in time and cost are possible if the complex owner has installed the appropriate rigs.

Select the relevant BPC in the Industry window, and choose Invention on the activity list. The resulting window will tell you your invention chance, taking into account your skills and any selected optional items.

The optional items can be selected using the boxes on the left hand side of the Industry UI. All possible items will be listed, but items not available for use (i.e. not found in the input material location) will be faded out. You can use the decryptor selection box to look at how each different decryptor affects invention chance and outcome.

Be sure to select the correct Outcome, because some T1 BPCs can invent more than one T2 item (for example, a Scourge Rocket BPC invents both the Scourge Rage Rocket and Scourge Javelin Rocket BPCs, two different types of T2 rocket ammunition).

Once the job is complete and delivered, you do not receive any explicit notification if your job was successful. The only indication of success is that the 'Outcome' box in the Industry window actually contains your T2 BPC and an animated blue highlight - you will be able to find your new T2 BPO in the list of blueprints.

If your invention failed however, the 'Outcome' box in the industry window will tint red, with an animated red bar across, and display a large Job failed text in red.

You can also see a summary of the success or failure of each job in the job listing after delivery.

Eve Online 2019

Either way, your datacores and optional decryptor will be consumed, and your BPC will be returned with one fewer run on it (unless it only had 1 run remaining).


Tech 2 blueprint copies always have 10 runs, +2% ME and +4% TE, unless modified by a decryptor.[1] T2 BPCs for ships and rigs have 1 run (again unless modified by a decryptor). The only activity you can do with a T2 BPC is to manufacture it, you cannot research or copy it.

Maximizing invention success

The chance for a successful invention is calculated by this formula:

[math] displaystyle text{Success chance} = text{Base} times ( 1 + frac{text{Science skill 1} + text{Science skill 2}}{30} + frac{text{Racial encryption method}}{40} ) times (1 + frac { text{Probability Multiplier of Decryptor} }{100%} ) [/math]

Base Chance:

  • All modules, rigs and ammo have a base chance of 34%
  • All Frigates and Destroyers have a base chance of 30%
  • Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Mining Barges, Industrials, and intact Ancient Relics have a base chance of 26%
  • All Battleships have a base chance of 22%
  • Malfunctioning Ancient Relics have a base chance of 21%
  • Freighters have a base chance of 18%
  • Wrecked Ancient Relics have a base chance of 14%

As a summary of base chance, it's not difficult to get a good chance of success for modules with their base chance of 34%, but progressively more difficult for ships as their size increases. This is why investing in some decryptors is a good idea for Tech II ship invention jobs.

The effect of skills is equivalent to 3.333% per science skill level and 2.5% per encryption skill level.

You can find an invention success chance calulator here https://khon.space/blueprint/ (Search up any inventable item, relic or bpc, and click the invent option), and another chance & profit calculator here: http://eve-industry.org.

You can experiment with different skill levels and decryptors to see how the probability changes. Use this to determine the levels of skills you wish to train, and whether you want to invest in decryptors. Remember that decryptors also affect max runs, ME and TE of the final BPC, not just the chance of success.

Note that the following factors have no impact on the probability of invention success, nor the quality or number of runs on the output BPC:

  • ME, TE or number of Runs on the BPC
  • How attractive, charming or brilliant you are :-)

Helpful guidelines

  • Science skills each improve the chance of success by more than the encryption skill, so since all are 5x rank skills, you should train science skills up first. A decent option is to initially train encryption to 3 and science skills to 4. Eventually you should consider training encryption to 4 and the science skills to level 5 - especially the ones for ships - if you are going to be producing significant amounts of certain items.
  • Decryptors can virtually guarantee success, but can also be very expensive: in general, use the expensive ones only for big items like Tech II ships.
  • 'Symmetry' and 'Augmentation' type decryptors are often cheap, and add +2 or +9 (the latter at the cost of a lower invention chance) runs to the resulting BPC, so they can be very worthwhile (especially for ships and rigs, which only give 1-run BPCs by default) in driving down invention costs per manufacturing run, as well as increasing T2 manufacturing throughput by loosening the invention bottleneck.
  • To maximize profits from invention, you need to minimize your investment costs. This means using buy orders to purchase invention items in the market: datacores & decryptors. You'll also want to shop around to different systems to find the most affordable blueprint copying and invention facilities.
  • As you gain more experience in invention, you can experiment with different investments in your mix of skills and decryptors. If you are going to be a serious producer of Tech II items, you will eventually want to establish, or secure access to, an engineering complex - with significant time saving bonuses - for copying and invention jobs.

Useful links

Here are some more links (caution: may be out of date since recent invention changes from CCP, especially the success chance calculators):

In Ye Olde Days..

A long, long time ago..
  • Once upon a time, CCP decided that Tech II items and ships would be a cool thing to offer to EVE players.
  • This, however, presented a problem. To maintain balance, T2 items had to be more expensive and harder to get than T1 items, since they represent a significant improvement in performance. They couldn't simply seed T2 BPOs in stations, as T1 BPOs are provided, or else no one would ever make T1 items anymore. And so, in their infinite wisdom, CCP created the T2 BPO lottery, where a limited number of T2 blueprint originals were awarded to players, based on the number of research datacores they owned. This happened with the Castor expansion in 2003.
  • This solution, naturally, presented some new problems. The production of T2 items was reserved to a relatively small number of experienced EVE players who were lucky enough to get one of the BPOs. This allowed them to control the prices completely, making T2 items dreadfully expensive. Also, there were rumors abound that CCP was rigging the lottery to favor certain players or corporations, making it unfair.
  • So, in their now smarter infinite wisdom, CCP developed the invention process with the Revelations expansion in 2006, which allows any EVE player to produce T2 blueprint copies, after a significant investment in skills, materials, and equipment. The invention process produces limited-run T2 BPCs, but with a chance of failure, thus making T2 item production more difficult, but still attractive enough to warrant investment by players. Since BPCs produce limited runs of items, unlike BPOs, the invention process also keeps T2 item production at a much more intensive but more limited level than T1 production.
  • T2 BPOs still exist in EVE, and are highly prized and hideously expensive. Their owners have gotten very rich in the game, and they guard their use very diligently. Many have speculated - and CCP has actually suggested - that T2 BPOs may one day be discontinued. If this ever happens, not only will it make a lot of people very angry, and a lot of other people very happy, but the invention process will be the sole source of advanced tech items in the game.
  1. ^ abEVE Industry - All you want to know (Crius Expansion). By CCP Greyscale - EVE dev-blogs 2014-07-18
Retrieved from 'https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/index.php?title=Invention&oldid=170889'

Weekly Roundup: More Cyno Changes, EVE Vegas, EVE Portal 2019

EVE developer CCP served up two portions of ‘chaos’ and one new out-of-game resource in the last week. These announcements, momentous in their own right, might have been overlooked as players in CCP’s ‘Chaos Era’ increasingly view major changes as, well, rather mundane. In case you missed them, here are the week’s developer updates.

Cyno Changes Part II

CCP announced major changes to the way capital and industrial ships travel in an August 14 post on the official forums, and INN reported initial reactions. Whereas previously the standard Cynosural Field Generator module could fit on any ship, including the starter corvette available for free in any NPC station, it will now be limited to Force Recon Ships and Black Ops Battleships, the latter of which will receive a 50% cyno duration role bonus. CCP’s original plan included a new ability for Jump Freighters to jump to Covert Cynosural Fields, which can only be produced by ships that are covert ops-capable.

The first round of changes to cyno mechanics provoked a wide range of strong opinions. A panel on Talking in Stations five days after the initial announcement pointed out many potential problems balanced against few benefits. Low-sec and wormhole panellists expressed interest in the changes, believing they will allow small groups to seek fights without inviting an instantaneous capital response. Nullsec panellists asserted the changes are too restrictive and may stifle Sov warfare, PvE activities, and overall player engagement.

Eve Online 2019 Confessor Fit

CSM 13 member and INIT pilot Brisc Rubal summarised in the interview: “I don’t think any of us disagree that we want the game to be hard and we want to change the risk-reward balance so that there’s more risk but there’s also more reward because that makes it fun. But so far everything that I have seen [in the Chaos Era] – with the possible exception of the blackout – the Drifters and the cyno changes and the rest… it hasn’t made EVE harder, it’s just made it more inconvenient. And that’s not fun.”

In an August 26 update to the original forum post, CCP withdrew its original plan for Jump Freighters to utilise Covert Cynosural Fields after reviewing player feedback. Instead, a new module called the Industrial Cyno will be introduced to provide Jump Freighters with a less demanding cyno option. The new module can be fitted on T1 (Tech 1) industrial ships such as the cheap and relatively agile Nereus and Wreathe, each of which has five low slots for Inertial Stabilisers, Nanofiber Internal Structures, and Warp Core Stabilisers to make them harder to catch.

Developer CCP Rise indicated that one motivation to detach the Jump Freighter’s cyno capabilities from the expensive ships required for the standard cyno, as well as the high skillpoint requirement to use covert cynos, was to allow players to continue holding ‘cyno vigils,’ which are generally spontaneous events in which large numbers of players light cynos in space to commemorate the passing of a fellow player or a person of significance to space research. However, as with all ‘Chaos Era’ changes, the introduction of the Industrial Cyno invites controversy. The new capability essentially preserves the perceived problems with the old cyno mechanics – chief among them the use of cheap, throwaway cyno ships to enable low-cost and low-risk capital transportation – but only for Jump Freighters. Given that cyno modules are only usable outside of high-sec, this move may not reinforce CCP’s insistence that EVE should be more dangerous for veteran players.

The cyno changes are scheduled for release in September.

Eve Online Political Map Gif 2019

No EVE Vegas 2020

Eve Online 2019

An August 28 developer blog shared the welcome news that EVE Vegas 2019 will feature a reunion performance by Permaband, including the former CCP Guard, who left the developer earlier this year. Veteran players who remember Guard’s commitment to engaging players in CCP’s vision for EVE will undoubtedly appreciate this reprise of CCP’s popular musical act.

However, after dangling the sweet, crunchy carrot of Permaband before our very eyes, CCP announced near the bottom of the blog that official North American events in 2020 will not include Las Vegas as a destination. Historically one of the most popular EVE gatherings, EVE Vegas has become a fixture of the game’s social calendar and will be keenly missed. Indeed, The Imperium’s leader The Mittani declared that a Goonswarm-led event will be organised in Las Vegas next year to fill the void created by CCP’s withdrawal from the venue.

EVE Portal 2019

CCP’s original EVE Online Portal app, a much-maligned tool for tracking character progress, checking in-game mails, and staying connected to the game while away from a computer, has been replaced by EVE Portal 2019. The new app allows users to link EVE accounts and characters with the same sign-in information used by the game launcher. The home screen displays EVE time, current skill training, announcements from the game launcher, the most recent in-game mails, and links to Skills, the New Eden Store, Mail, and an additional menu to switch characters or view a condensed version of the game’s Character Sheet. While these capabilities are similar to those offered by popular third-party apps such as Neocom II, EVE Portal 2019 actually allows players to make adjustments to their skill queue without logging in to the game – a useful tool for players facing lengthy periods away from the game to make changes to their characters’ development. The mobile New Eden Store allows players to purchase ship SKINs and apparel, although PLEX still must be purchased through the PLEX store and is not available through the app.

With the updated appearance, layout, and capabilities, EVE Portal 2019 is a powerful out-of-game resource and a worthy companion to the game itself – with a couple of asterisks. First, due to the app’s use of the Unreal 4 engine, older phones may not support it. This problem appears to affect newer phones, as well. Users of some Android 9 devices – which CCP says are compatible – report that they cannot use the app. Additionally, some features do not consistently pull data from in-game. The Character Sheet does not always display ISK and PLEX balances, jump clones, or implants. Nevertheless, EVE Portal 2019 is an admirable improvement upon CCP’s earlier efforts, and with the proper support it may become the most popular option for managing accounts outside of the game.

Editors Note: An earlier version of this article suggested the Industrial Cyno can be fitted to a Venture, this is incorrect, and has been corrected.

Eve Online 2019 Gameplay

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