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Mar 20, 2018 Turn on your Mac or restart it as with normal Recovery Mode. As soon as you hear the startup chime, press and hold Command (?) + Option (?) + R. If your normal Recovery Mode isn’t available, pressing Command (?) + R should automatically redirect you to Internet Recovery mode. Mar 24, 2021 Restart your Mac. Press and hold Command (⌘) + R. Release the keys once you see the Apple logo, spinning globe, or another startup screen. You should be asked to enter your Mac password. Feb 26, 2021 Command (⌘)-R: Start up from the built-in macOS Recovery system. Or use Option-Command-R or Shift-Option-Command-R to start up from macOS Recovery over the Internet. MacOS Recovery installs different versions of macOS, depending on the key combination you use while starting up. Restart mac on recovery mode Nov 20, 2020 How to Boot in Recovery Mode on Mac Recovery Mode is accessed during system start by using a keyboard combination, here’s how it works: Shut down the Mac, or reboot the computer As soon as the Mac starts booting up, hold down Command + R keys together. Mar 06, 2020 The following shows how to boot into recovery mode Mac (the standard recovery mode): Step 1. Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen and select the option that says Restart. It will restart your Mac.


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2021-04-19 Microsoft xCloud Beta for iPhone and iPad to Launch This Week via @__tosh
2021-04-04 Apple adds more games to Apple Arcade including new titles like Fantasian as well as classics like Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Solitaire, Threes and Monument Valley via @__tosh
  • Buying a brand new M1-powered Mac and keen to jump back into World of Warcraft? No problem, Blizzard has your back – WoW has already been updated to run natively on Apple silicon. Blizzard made the announcement in a forum post, saying that the latest patch adds support for native ARM64. Or Apple silicon, if you prefer.
  • CCP Games this week announced that the world’s foremost space corporate espionage MMO Eve Online will soon be running natively on Macintosh computers. The Icelandic crew is working toward achieving native support for the M1 chip and MacOS Metal with public testing set to begin in Q1 2021 with a full release expected in the first half of next.
  • Native M1 games are games that have been written for ARM-based processors. These are the apps and games that will deliver the biggest jump in performance compared to Intel-powered Macs. Unfortunately, the list of native M1 games is still small, with only 2 games that officially support Apple M1 processors.

2021-01-15 Apple begins blocking M1 Mac users from side loading iPhone and iPad applications via @__tosh
2021-01-14 Dolphin (Nintendo Wii/GameCube emulator): 30-50% speedup as well as improved stability from native M1 support on Apple Silicon Macs compared to Rosetta 2 via discord:plex123,goldmaster11
2021-01-14 Apple might stop sideloading of iOS games (and other apps) on Apple Silicon Macs in a future version of macOS Big Sur via discord:goldmaster11
2020-12-31 MoltenVK 1.1.1 brings Vulkan support to Apple Silicon Macs via @__tosh
2020-12-30 10 Best FPS Games on M1 Apple Silicon Mac via @Andytizer
2020-12-26 Parallels Advanced Gaming Setup Guide for M1 Apple Silicon and Windows 10 ARM via @Andytizer
2020-12-24 The Game 'Inside' is free today in the Epic Games Store via @__tosh
2020-12-22 Apple working on 2021 Apple TV with stronger focus in gaming via @markgurman
2020-12-22 Steam Winter Sale is on until January 5th 2021 via @Andytizer
2020-12-22 JoyMapperSilicon adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con and Nintendo Pro controllers to Apple Silicon Macs via @chenqibin99
2020-12-22 Experience Report: M1 MacBook Air vs Intel MacBook Pro 16' for gaming via @__tosh
2020-12-18 Great News for Game Compatibility: Fallout 2 runs well via Parallels on Windows for ARM via @Andytizer
2020-12-16 StepMania 5.3 is one of the first native games for Apple Silicon Macs with full support for controllers and pads via @TeamRizu
2020-12-14 Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.1 adding support for CS:GO and full screen support for iPad games via @__tosh
2020-12-09 Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming to iOS in Spring 2021 via @__tosh
2020-12-08 Google Stadia arrives in eight new European countries via @__tosh
2020-12-05 EVE Online: CCP Games developing a native macOS client via @PeterBlanc11
2020-12-02 Baldur's Gate III: Patch 3 released, adds support for Rosetta 2 via @MrMacRight

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Eve Online Apple M1 2020-12-02 Apple names Disco Elysium 'Mac Game of the Year 2020' via @__tosh
2020-12-02 Mac version of Metro: Exodus in the works according to 4A Games via @Andytizer

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CCP is excited to unveil work on a native macOS EVE Online client is underway.

The native macOS client will enable native support for macOS Big Sur and Apple's powerful graphics processing framework, Metal. The move to Metal ensures the best visual experience for players on macOS, along with significant optimizations and performance improvements compared to the existing client.

The first public test of the native macOS client is expected in Q1 2021. More details about the public testing and how to participate will be published in the new year.