Eve Online Character Creation

This page explains how to create a new character and portrait in EVE Online.

How to Survive EVE Online video series by Seamus Donohue, which goes from character creation to the end of the career agents, with helpful commentary along the way. Deeper knowledge. Beyond simple questions which can be answered in a chat channel, there is an enormous amount of knowledge about the game that the player base has documented. EVE ONLINE: Character creation - Female Minmatar Vherokior. EVE ONLINE: Character creation - Female Gallente Intaki. Eve Online Character: 7 ships destroyed and 10 ships lost. Character Creation: How To EVE OnlineOnline Gaming always starts the same way. Pay for the game (if needed), sign up and create an account, then create a ch.

Body Sculpting

When you load up the character creator, you will see a character with a randomly-generated appearancebased on your character's race, bloodline, and gender.

When you mouse over the different parts of the character's body, you will see glowing lines over the partof the body that you are hovering over. When you see these lines, it means that you can click there andmove the mouse around to adjust the shape of that part of the body.

For example, clicking on the stomachand dragging the mouse around will let you give your character washboard abs, a huge fat gut, or anythingin between.

Other options

The options at the top right of the screen let you customize your character further, with hair style,aging, scarring, pupil dilation, eyebrow shape, clothes, glasses, facial hair (males only), makeupand more.

Taking the character portrait

Once you are done shaping your character and choosing clothes, you can click the Next button inthe bottom right corner. This takes you to the screen where you can pose your character and choosebackgrounds and lighting.

Manually posing your character

As with the body sculpting in the previous screen, you can hover over different parts of your character'sface and body. In this screen, it lets you adjust which way your character is facing, adjust head tilt, and adjust your character's facial expression.

For example, pulling down on the character's chin will open his or her mouth. Pulling up on thecorners of the mouth will make him or her smile. Pulling up the eyebrows will lift them. Clicking anddragging on the eyes will change which direction the eyes are looking in.

If your cursor looks like a person's head with arrows pointing in four directions, you can click and dragto change which way the character is turning his or her head. If your cursor looks like a person's headwith two arrows at either side pointing down, you can click and drag to make your character tilt hisor her head to the side.


Eve Online Character Creation

The pose button lets you choose from a standard set of poses. Eclipse java spring framework tutorial. However, you can still adjust yourcharacter after choosing a pose.

Eve character customization screen

Finalizing your portrait

You can take pictures of your character to try out some poses and lighting.When you are completely satisfied with the picture, you can set it as your character portrait.

After you've gotten the client running, the first thing you'll need to do is make a character. This guide should help you do that intelligently.

  • 1Character Races and Bloodlines
    • 1.1Races, Bloodlines, and Role Play (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Furries)

Character Races and Bloodlines

In a typical MMO, your initial character creation choices will have a long-term effect on your character's path.

In EvE Online, this is not the case. The only relevant difference between character Races and Bloodlines is cosmetic: different options for your avatar.

Races, Bloodlines, and Role Play (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Furries)

Some people choose their initial race for Roleplay reasons, for unlike most MMOs, EVE has a very large and detailed background that contributes to a very vibrant --if marginalized-- role play community. The race/heritage choice screen upon character creation has much better descriptions of each races' background, but here is a brief description of what each race means to the roleplayer.


Religious fundamentalists who consider the other races to be their rightful slaves. Imperialistic, arrogant, dominating; the Amarr are the largest and oldest empire and most populous race in EVE. Slavery is legal and alcohol is banned in Amarr space, and a heavy class based system keeps everybody in a perpetual hierarchy. At one point the Amarr even grew arrogant enough to attempt an assault upon the mysterious Jove empire, but were quickly humiliated with a total defeat, allowing the Minmatar slave race to free themselves and leaving the Amarr currently weak enough to be forced upon an uneasy truce with their one-time slaves.

Amarr ships are streamlined, goldenrod, and have cruel sounding names. In Star Trek lore, they generally look reminiscent of Romulan combined with Cardassian ships.


An oligarchy of numerous corporations united under a single state-run corporate empire. The Caldari praise efficiency and utility over everything else, caring nothing for such wasteful concepts as 'art' or 'looks' in their designs. The Caldari once hailed from the same home system as the Gallente, but their drastic differences in cultures have at one point caused the two to war. Eventually brought to a stalemate, an unease truce eventually settled upon, with the unfortunate agreement of the Caldari being forced to leave their home world and resettle to the north.. something the Caldari have never forgiven nor will forget.

Caldari ships look like they were made for function over any sort of form, even lacking any sort of paint job; they are of the duct-tape-and-cardboard asthetic, but most of them are as efficient as can be.

Eve Online Character Creation Amarr


The democracy-loving entertainers, producers, artists and innovators.. but also very much semi-libertarians of the EVE galaxy. The Gallente admire the Minmatar for their freedom loving ways and agitate against the Caldari and Amarr for their rigid systems of authority. The Gallente actually elect their leaders and make choices as a Republic, unlike the other races. Gallente ships are the exact opposite of Caldari: form over function. They have all sorts of bizarre almost alien-looking designs, with the general sort of black and green color scheme of the Alliance ships from Firefly. Besides their bizarre look, Gallente ships would probably fit in well with the Federation from Star Trek--all around good at everything thrown their way.


Tribes of freed slaves who rebelled against their Amarr overlords in the past and set up an uneasy truce with the other empires. Many Minmatar are still renegades and continue to wage war on the Amarr in retribution for centuries of abuse. Many of the disjointed tribes are composed of nomadic traders and merchants. The closest allies of the Minmatar are the Gallente, who respect their desire for freedom and self-governance. Minmatar ships look pieced together from scraps found at junkyard only also held together with string and duct-tape. Their ships have a dark blood-red steel look reminiscent of Reaver ships from Firefly.


Next you'll pick your character's gender. We hope you don't need this explained. It doesn't make any direct in-game difference what your character's gender is.

Avatar Customization

EvE Online has a wide array of avatar customizations that can help you to create the most lifelike, freakish, horrifying space doll you can imagine. Feel free to pick the largest sunglasses and creepiest grin available.

Currently, your character's features and clothing can be re-customized at will, so don't stress out too much about getting just the right look the first time.

Picking a Portrait

After you customize your avatar, you’ll go to a character portrait screen. Feel free to spend a few minutes in the virtual photo booth staring into the lifless doll's eyes, twisting and turning your character into the most grotesque of poses.

Free Online Character Customization Games

Ancestry and Education

Your Ancestry has absolutely zero bearing on anything. It is a word tacked onto your profile with no in-game description or meaning.

Your Education selects which of three beginner systems for your Race that your character will start in. It doesn't matter which you pick, as nobody you know will be anywhere nearby and they are generally functionally identical.

Character Name

Your name is the most permanent part of your character. Try not to unironically pick a name like xXxSephirothxXx or GiantDonges4Life. Probably the best known example of this is Goonfleet member 'Buttpipe.' Apparently, the name seemed like a good idea to him at the time. Now, months later, he's still stuck with 'Buttpipe' as his handle, despite his daily GM pleas for a change. Don't be a Buttpipe. Pick something you'll like down the road.

Additionally, in big fleet actions with 100+ ships on each side, fleet commanders often pick primary and secondary targets in alphabetical or sometimes reverse alphabetical order. Try not to make characters with names starting from A-E or V-Z.

Names are case sensitive. If you forget to capitalize your name, it will remain like that forever.

I made a character, what do I do now?

Eve Character Customization Screen

Eve Online Character Creation
1. For the love of god, run through the damn Tutorial!
2. Learn More about Skills and How They Work
3. Read the Skill Training Guide so you can be more effective.

Eve Online Character Creation Guide

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