Eve Online Resource Wars

Long time player here, done almost every activity in Eve, and I want to say I honestly think Resource Wars is very fun and I am excited to see it improved hopefully sooner than later. I think it is overall very well designed and has the potential to be a primary highsec activity and recruitment tool in Eve, but some major and easily solvable problems are holding it back. I’m torn about the shiptype lockouts, players in general hate not being able to use “their” tweaked t2/t3 hulls, but at the same time I see how the concept of bringing newbies and vets together in content is challenging to both sets of people sortof hinges on the allowed ship types. Anyway: some bullet points:

The ships are in there so casual players can buy prefitted ships to play with their bros without having to find a market, figure out ships, mods, fits, meta levels, etc. The fits arent designed to be used outside of resource wars and the ships arent designed to be profitable. They're a convenience at an extra cost. Resource Wars Tuesday, October 24, 2017. As pirate forces encroach on the borders of New Eden’s sovereign nations, capsuleers are being contracted to assist with resource gathering operations in high security space. Forming part of resource gathering expeditions as combat or mining pilots, capsuleers both young and old will be able to take part in collaborative gameplay with other capsuleers to assist. Taking a first look at a few new resource wars sites on sisi.try the game: https://www.eveonline.com/.

Eve Online Resource Wars


  • requires very active attention to survive, exciting (relative to other pve content)
  • love the dynamic music and sound design, the thuds of the pirate reinforcements warping in, the timer ticking, the voice warnings - cohesive and moody
  • the ship skins look great, but only for a handful of hulls… more please!
  • good paradigm for meeting new people - fleet up > mine and fight together > recruit coolguy to corp (as opposed to the usual pathway of recruit to corp > fleet up > find out you hate eachother)


  • the isk per time spent is beyond abysmal, LP store is severely lacking
  • short duration, a massive portion of time of this activity is spent travelling, when people team up for an activity the one thing they DONT want to do is travel a lot. Perhaps sites should be more on the order of 20-30 minutes and the ore requirements increased in proportion.
  • racial ship lockouts prevent people from teaming up, especially newbies for which this content is targeted
  • the binary success/failure, there should be a reward for partial completion
  • rocks only last for half a mining laser cycle or about 1/10th of a strip miner cycle, this is good for rewarding attentive players but bad for teaching newbies how to mine. Maybe we could get a special mining laser from RW stores that has an appropriate cycle duration?
  • nonlinear difficulty, I find Level 1 to be very difficult in a Venture, Level 2 effortless in a Prospect, and Level 3 is only difficult in a Procurer only due to the distribution of the Orcas in the site
  • the ingame chat channel is unmoderated and filled with hundreds who exploit it for trading, advert spamming, and other highly non-RW related nonsense. Can we instead get a function in the fleet finder for a player to flag themselves as interested in a fleet (with a contextual reason e.g. Resource Wars, PvP, etc.), so that fleet commanders can look through them and invite them? As opposed to the current paradigm where a fleet commander advertises a public fleet and hopes people join (in theory, I have not seen a public fleet in probably 7-8 years).

P.S. super minor issue but I think the “lore” of RW would be cooler if it was empire corporations fighting eachother as opposed to the usual pirates versus navy stuff.

In a standard mining expedition site, you need to mine 30,000 units of ore and deposit it in the friendly Orcas, while under attack from enemy frigates and cruisers.

Eve Online Wars

  • 2Allied Ships

Site Details

Ore Required30,000 units
Time15 minutes
Max Pilots5
Rewards1,500,000 ISK, 700 LP(1,530,000 ISK with bonus)

Allied Ships



Live digital clock full screen.

3 x Friendly Industrial Orca
2-3 x Friendly Frigate Imperial War Reserves Punisher
3 x Friendly Cruiser Imperial War Reserves Omen



3 x Friendly Industrial Orca
2-3 x Friendly Frigate State Military Stockpile Merlin
3 x Friendly Cruiser State Military Stockpile Caracal

Eve Online Resource Wars Guide



3 x Friendly Industrial Orca
2-3 x Friendly Frigate Federal Strategic Materiel Incursus
3 x Friendly Cruiser Federal Strategic Materiel Thorax

Eve Online Resource Loading

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