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Drug development applications

Osx restart in safe mode. High throughput FirePlex immunoassays can be applied at all stages of drug development to inform critical decision points. By providing a new, more effective, and affordable biomarker analysis workflow, FirePlex immunoassays enable data-driven R&D to guide the most effective strategies and minimize the risk of late-stage failure.​

  • Discovery projects screening large compound libraries
  • Lead optimization, safety assessment, and toxicity screening in large sample sets
  • Clinical screening for disease identification, patient stratification, or therapy response in large patient cohorts

Amazon has revealed that Plex will soon integrate channels into the Fire TV’s live experience, which consists of the Live tab and the channel guide. While Plex is best known for its great local media player capabilities, it launched a collection of live streaming ad-supported channels last year.

  • No injuries were reported in the fire, but five residents of the four-plex were displaced by the fire. PF&R said the American Red Cross is assisting those people.
  • With Plex Pass, you can watch Live TV and DVR your favorites – all on your Amazon Fire TV or from a browser with Plex Web, NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, AND Android Mobile. Speaking of loud snacking.

Fire Plex On Firestick

Scale-up without sacrificing performance

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My Fire Plex Channels

With high-throughput FirePlex immunoassays, there is no trade-off between quantity and quality. Achieve high throughput without sacrificing assay performance or data quality.

Fire Plex
  • 1-100 pg/mL sensitivity (analyte dependent)
  • 2.5-3 logs dynamic range
  • Only 6.5 µL biofluid input for 384-well plate (plasma, serum, or cell culture supernatant); 2.5 µL biofluid input for 1536-well plate (Cell culture supernatant)
  • <15% intra-plate CVs
  • Recombinant antibody pairs eliminate lot-to-lot variability
  • 70-130% sample recovery
  • Reread plates up to a week later, as many times as needed