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Hyuga's armour will protect you from almost everything except other battleships and Admiral Graf Spee's AP ammunition. Continuous fire from multiple light cruisers will whittle down your crew, but a single well placed salvo from the heavier ships will regularly detonate your magazines, especially the second turret from the front as its magazine is above the waterline. In the market for War Thunder Equipment? Use this link to get 3% off your entire purchase and a custom Phly emblem for your vehicles. アドミラル・グラーフ・シュペー (Die Admiral Graf Spee)は、ドイッチュラント級装甲艦の3番艦。 第一次世界大戦の敗北によって軍備を制限されたドイツ海軍が、ヴェルサイユ条約の軍備制限条項の範囲内(排水量1万トン以下)に収めながらも強力な軍艦として建造した艦である 。. A subreddit dedicated to Admiral Graf Spee from Azur Lane. Credits to ramdayo1122 for the subreddit icon. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Posted by 12 days ago. The evolution of Graf Spee in War Thunder explained using our Spee.

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In order to obey the regulations of the Treaty of Versailles on the one hand, and to replace the outdated liners of the Braunschweig-class at the same time, the Germans constructed a completely new type of vessel, the so-called Panzerschiff (dreadnought). The basic concept of this endeavour was to create a ship that would go faster than stronger units, and that would be stronger than faster ones. As the third ship of this category, the Admiral Graf Spee was launched in June 1934, and went into service in 1936. From 1936 to 1939 she was flag-ship of the fleet. Having been employed several times in Spanish waters during the Spanish Civil War, the Graf Spee left Wilhelmshaven for the South Atlantic, where she took up waiting position in summer 1939. At the outbreak of the war she was engaged in economic warfare in the Atlantic as well as in the Indian Ocean, sinking more than 50089 gross registered tons of the enemy’s freighters. Towards the end of 1939 the Graf Spee was engaged in battle by the British cruisers Exeter, Ajax, and Achilles just outside the mouth of the La Plata. During this battle the Graf Spee was badly damaged and had to call at Montevideo. Upon British intervention, the government of Uruguay did not grant them a stay long enough for the repair of the damages, though. And as their retreat seemed blocked through a diversion of the British Intelligence Service, orders were given to blow up the Graf Spee. Breaking up began in 1942; the remnants of the wreck were still visible in the sixties.

Graf Spee War Thunder 1

Type: Boat
Period: Second World War
Country: Germany
Skill: 2
Model Dim.: 26,0 cm
Box Dim.: 374 x 130 x 43 mm

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Suggested colors

MG Brass

F Insigna Red
F.S. 31136

F Light Ghost Gray
F.S. 36300

F White
F.S. 37875

Northern Wind Update for War Thunder introduces Swedish aviation, Ray Tracing Global Illumination technology and more..

20 December 2019

Gaijin Entertainment is pleased to announce the release of major Content Update “Northern Wind” for the online military action game War Thunder. It marks the arrival of a new Swedish aviation tech tree, the first two Swedish ground vehicles and a Scandinavian-themed naval battle map. As usual, the update also brings dozens of new vehicles for all nations, like the Rooikat Mk.1D, first South African ground vehicle and the German Admiral Graf Spee heavy cruiser. The visuals for War Thunder are now more realistic due to the new Ray Traced Global Illumination system, physically correct spark simulation, as well as HDR technology support.

The proprietary Ray Traced Global Illumination system was unveiled by Gaijin Entertainment at the NVIDIA GeForce RTX Launch Event at Gamescom 2018. It provides scalable real-time global Illumination for large scenes and has already been implemented in Cuisine Royale, another online game by Gaijin Entertainment. The “Northern Wind” update brings this technology to War Thunder on PC (when using the NVIDIA GeForce RTX or in medium quality on any DirectX 11 videocard) and Xbox One. Ray Traced Global Illumination ensures that the in-game lighting is realistic, immersive, natural in appearance while making sure that it suits the time of day and weather on the battle map. This system reacts to game events like explosions and the destruction of objects making sure the shading is correct in real time without any major compromise to performance for players. Xbox One and PC users also get the HDR technology support to provide brighter highlights and a wider range of color detail.

Sweden is one of the few countries in the world that is developing and producing modern military vehicles on par with the arsenal of global powers. The aviation tree for Sweden in War Thunder begins with the simple pre-war J6B Jaktfalken II (“gyrfalcon”) biplane fighter from Svenska Aero AB ending with powerful fighter jets like the J32B Lansen made by Saab in the 1950s. Two Swedish ground vehicles introduced in the Update – the turretless Strv 103 main battle tank and experimental SAV 20.12.48 Swedish SPG – serve as a glimpse into the future for the Swedish ground vehicle line-up that will arrive in upcoming major updates.

As you may have noticed, War Thunder is gradually introducing larger and larger ships, so the new Admiral Graf Spee heavy cruiser, also known as “a pocket battleship” due to a pair of powerful triple 283mm (11’’) turrets, is a logical step towards battlecruisers that will arrive in future updates.

A full list of updates brought by the “Northern Wind” is available at the official War Thunder website:

About War Thunder
War Thunder is a free-to-play, cross-platform, massively multiplayer military masterpiece with millions of fans worldwide, that allows players to fight their way across air, land, and sea in the same battlefield. War Thunder offers 1,000+ playable aircraft, armored vehicles and ships from the early 1930s to the Cold War, including ground vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s that feature technologies typical for modern tank construction. The US, Soviet, British, German, Italian, Japanese, and French military vehicles represented in game are carefully researched, historically accurate recreations of their real world counterparts. Fans can expect hundreds more added as Gaijin Entertainment commits to ongoing development via regular updates. Official website:


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