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Made by Herman Miller® As affordable as it is inventive, SAYL proves our belief that a reasonably priced work chair can be well designed and include leading-edge ergonomics. Designing SAYL started with understanding the needs of people and designing an ergonomic work chair that incorporates everything that Herman Miller chairs are known for. Play in Style Inspired by the architecture and the less-is-more engineering of suspension bridges, Sayl is a stylish chair for gaming that uses fewer parts and less material than other foam and fabric chairs. Herman Miller 0:15 The ideal chair for gamers who can't quite sit still.

12 years - All products sold under the Herman Miller brand including Aeron chairs; Eames aluminum group chairs, executive chair, soft pad chairs, table universal base, and table segmented base; Embody chairs; Caper chairs; Celle chairs; Claw round and square tables; Envelop desk; Envelope chair; Everywhere tables; Flo monitor support and dual monitor support; Full Round Table; H Frame credenza, coffee table, and side table; I Beam coffee table; Mirra and Mirra 2 chairs; Nelson pedestal table; Renew oval and rectangular sit-to-stand tables (2-year exception noted below); Sayl chairs; Scissor chair; Setu chairs; Sled base credenzas and pedestals; Sled chair; Tablet mount; Tu storage; Tuxedo sofa, bench, museum bench, club chair, ottoman, and settee; Tuxedo Classic club chair, sofa, corner sofa, settee, corner settee; Swoop work table and coffee table are backed by our 12-year warranty, except as limited or described below.
5 years - AGL table; Ardea personal light; Bevel sofa group; Bolster sofa group; Capelli stool; Distil desk and table; Eames chaise, desk units, wire base elliptical table, Hang-It-All, lounge chair and ottoman (except white ash), molded fiberglass chairs and stools, molded plastic chairs and stools, molded plywood coffee table, rectangular coffee table, molded plywood folding screen, molded plywood lounge and dining chairs, molded wood side chairs and stools, sofa compact, storage units, two- and three-seat sofas, walnut stool, wire-base low table, and wire chairs; Flute personal light; Girard color wheel ottoman, environmental enrichment panels, hexagonal table, and splayed leg table; Goetz sofa; Hanging file folder; Nelson basic cabinet series, coconut chair, thin-edge bed, daybed, marshmallow sofa, miniature chests, pedestal stool, platform bench, platform bench cushion, swag leg group, thin edge buffet, thin edge cabinet, thin edge chest, thin edge bedside table, thin edge chest cabinet, thin edge double dresser, x-leg table; Noguchi table and rudder table; Polygon wire table; Thrive cable management clip, Mobile CPU holder, desktop power outlet, HM Connect-S300, keyboard/mouse support, magazine holder, marker/eraser holder, pencil drawer; Tone Personal Light; Twist LED task light; Wireframe sofa, chair, and ottoman; Logic Power Access Solutions; Ode lamps; Swoop lounge chair and ottoman
3 years - Eames aluminum group outdoor, lounge chair and ottoman in white ash, table outdoor, and wire base low table outdoor; Nelson pedestal table outdoor
2 year - Renew Sit-to-Stand tables power leg access option
1 year - Formwork; Nelson bubble lamps

Jan 16, 2021 The Herman Miller Sayl is a beautifully designed, highly adjustable chair, offered by a well-respected company in the industry. Recommended for anyone under 6’ tall, who doesn’t mind a chair with a low seat back, assuming the price doesn’t scare you off. Designed with a nod to suspension bridges—and inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge—Sayl combines high style, responsive support, and pioneering environmental responsibility. Showcasing the geometry of its inspiration in its signature airy back, the Sayl Chair.

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2 years - Magis- and Mattiazzi-branded products are warranted for two years from the date of purchasse by the original purchaser.

What's Covered

Our warranty covers everything—including electrical components, casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms. It recognizes the changing nature of work and the need for products that can stand up to continuous use. And it means that when warranty work is performed in the U.S. and Canada, Herman Miller foots the bill.At Herman Miller, we work for a better world around you. Our products—and our promise to stand behind their quality 100 percent—are designed to improve your environment whether it's an office, hospital, school, home, an entire building, or the world at large.

How to Schedule Service

If you need product service or repair, please contact the Herman Miller dealer, retailer, or our online store where you purchased your product. They will be able to make the final determination whether the issue is specifically covered under the warranty and eligible for replacement or repair.
Phone: +852 9729 1767
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Introduction: Fix the Squeak in Your Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Does your Herman Miller Aeron Chair squeak when you shift around in it? What's with that?

We'll the fix might be as simple as adding some lubricant to the correct place.

Here's what you'll need:

  1. Get two rags. One to dust off the chair, the other to wipe away excess lubricant. We will use 2 rags to minimize the chance of the dust getting into the lubricant, which is what probably caused this problem in the first place.
  2. A 3/16' Allen Wrench/Hex Key. Hopefully you'll have one of these. If not head to Home Depot or Harbor Freight and ask for an inexpensive SAE Allen Wrench set (around $8 on sale).
  3. A can of silicone lubricant spray. You want silicone spray over other types of lubricants because the silicone doesn't degrade when exposed to the existing grease, and is the best ranked lubricant for plastic to metal. You can use silicone enhanced with fluoropolymer (Teflon) for even less friction.

Try to see if you can make the squeak happen consistently and if you can isolate where it is coming from. That way you'll know if you've fixed it before you put everything away.

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair Tilt Limiter

5am utc to est. Steps:

  1. Give your chair a good wipe down. You'll be amazed at how much dust can accumulate under the char and behind the web netting.
  2. Take your 3/16' allen wrench and remove the 4 hex bolts that hold the chair backing.
  3. Wipe down the inside rails to remove all the dust.
  4. Use the Silicone spray to lubricate the side rails, the hex nut holes and the bolts. You may need to use the clean rag to prevent overspray. Avoid getting the Silicone spray on your clothing as it is water proof and may be hard to get out of your clothing.
  5. Wipe down the excess silicone spray with the clean rag.
  6. Put the lubricated bolts back in and tighten the bolts back up.
  7. Get back in the chair and try to recreate the squeak. Hopefully it is gone.

I went ahead and cleaned and lubricated the rolling wheels, the central pneumatic shaft and the armrest adjusting knobs.

If you need help identifying other areas where the squeak could be coming from you can take a look at the part assembly for the chair: http://www.hermanmiller.com/content/dam/store/asse..

Note: Herman Miller offers an unparalleled 12 year warranty where you can have a service representative come out and fix the problem: http://www.hermanmiller.com/customer-service/warra..

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