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  • Hi friends,

    So many things I need help with. Where to start?
    Ok so first last week I installed Xampp + WordPress and managed to open a localhost website. THAT TOOK ME ABOUT 8 HOURS to figure out.
    Yes, that kind of a NOOB.

    Even so, I managed to download a theme and generally started to get the hang of it. But today, when I wanted to get back where I stopped, I couldn’t access the site.
    1. Should there be an identifiable “wordpress icon” to click to get a quick access to the website?
    2. I guess not, so I enter Xampp, press “start” on both “apache” and “SQL” and press Admin, but get an unable to connect message.
    3. Tried to type “localhost:8080” and reached the “ApacheFriends” page but have no idea where to go next. Tried to type different “commands” but didn’t work.
    4. Only when I type localhost:8080/GlobalIdeology (which is the temporary name of the wordpress site) I get to an index page with a “wordpress” folder. When I press that one, I get that same “unable to connect” page.

    Acronis 2012

    So I have opened a localhost website using Xampp + WordPress but now I dont know where the door is. Can you please help me?

    Thank you,

  • Are you sure Apache and SQL are both running? If they aren’t, try restarting the server. If XAMPP continues to give you trouble, seek help in XAMPP forums or by searching your particular error messages in Google.

    If servers are running, try localhost:8080/GlobalIdeology/wp-admin or localhost:8080/wp-admin

    Hey @mateoco,
    In XAMPP, by default, you don’t need at add :8080 after “localhost”, URL in your case should be http://localhost/GlobalIdeology.

    THAT TOOK ME ABOUT 8 HOURS to figure out. Yes, that kind of a NOOB.

    I suggest you uninstall XAMPP and follow the exact steps mentioned in the below article link for creating a local WordPress website:

    Hey @mateoco,
    You shall consider taking the backup of the website before uninstalling the server.

    Article on taking WordPress backup:

    I only chimed in because I went through a similar problem with MAMP yesterday, and the solution was found by Googling the error message. I hesitate to have you re-build the whole thing when my solution was easily found and involved clicking a button. Saved me a LOT of time.

    A very simple and easy test of a WordPress site is to try and load the “readme.html” file. Being able to view it validates that the webserver configuration has the correct directory mapped and that the files are readable. Without having this correct it is a hopeless task with many more questions than answers. Once you have established that the correct directory is being accessed by the webserver, then it is a good time to start asking questions about PHP servers and databases etc.

    @mateoco As the only lady here (not a “guy”) who suggested you chat with XAMPP folks rather than nuking your setup, I’ll take a quick bow. Very glad you got a relatively painless fix.

    You can see the front end of your website on your local setup? Why not go to /wp-admin or /wp-login.php, log in, and begin editing?

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    The answer is quite simple if you follow these steps in right way you can sort out your problem.

    Press the Windows key.
    Type Notepad in the search field.
    In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.
    From Notepad, open the following file: c:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts.
    Make the necessary changes to the file.
    Select File > Save to save your changes.

    I hope it will helpful for you.

Localhost Https Xampp Mac

  1. Read the original article here: subscribe to ou.
  2. Dear Pieter, I checked your problem and its about database connection issue. When you are entering the system for first time you need to create the database(s) and the database file is in C: xampp htdocs Akaunting database.

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