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Ep 1 - Hum Hain Na - Rupali's Friend Sagarika has arrived from London to explore Varanasi. In Bunty's house, all are excited about Bunty's Brother Pappu's ma. Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan-MALE-hum hain iss pal yahan jaane ho kal kahan hum mile na mile hum rahe na rahe rahegi sadaa yahan pyar ki yeh dastaan sunenge sadaa jisse yeh zameen asmaan -FEMALE-hum hain iss pal yahan jaane ho kal kahan hum mile na mile hum rahe na rahe rahegi sadaa yahan pyar ki yeh dastaan sunenge sadaa jisse yeh zameen asmaan -MALE-rang dhal jaate hain din badal jaate hain. Hum Hain Na latest news, photos, videos and updates from Explore lot more about Hum Hain Na, pictures, breaking news and find Bollywood actors and actress photos, videos. Hum Hain Na Videos Maha Shivratri Celebration In Hum Hai Naa. Cooking Competition In Hum Hai Naa. Bunty Upset With Sagarika In Hum Hai Naa.

A Virtual Planet Music tribute “Hum Hain Na”. Play store jitsi app. This song is a tribute to all the victims and families of the recent Nepal Earthquakes. We request each and everyone to lend a hand for support in any way possible.

Hum Hain Na 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika helping inebriated Bunty change his dress. Sunraha hainaa tu…song plays in the background… He tries to get romantic with her.

In the morning, Dad reminisces Sagarika requesting him not to confront Amma. He sits on breakfast table. Amma gets him kachori for him in breakfast. He says he does not need it. She says she would have prepared phulkas for him. He eats fruits. Swara sees kachori and says Amma she likes her kachori and asks her pack some in her tiffin for her friends. Amma then gives tea to dad. Dad asks Ratna to bring black tea for him. He starts scolding Swara to be disciplined. Pappu comes and even he starts scolding Swara. Dad scolds Pappu for being lazy and not working, etc. Sagarika hears that and thinks Dad is opposing Amma in this way.

Bunty wakes up in the morning and sees his dressed is changed. He remembers Sagarika changing his dress and asks Sagarika if she changed dress. She says yes and asks him not to take tension as he did not break Amma’s promise. He asks if she is angry on him. She says yes, not because he did not break Amma’s promis, but because he came home inebriated.

Satya in kitchen brainwashes Amma. She says she heard Sagarika was acting with fake pregnancy. Amma says yes. She then says she saw Bunty coming home inebriated yesterday night and shows her pic of Madhav holding Bunty. Amma ges angry and asks her to get Sagarika to her room and send this pic to her mobile. Satya smirks and says ok. She sees Sagarika drying Bunty’s clothes and informs her about Amma calling her in her room. Once she gets into Amma’s room, Satya thinks soon Sagarika will be out of Bunty and she will wash Bunty’s clothes instead.

Hum Hain Naujawan

Amma asks Sagarika how much lies she will tell. Sagarika asks what did she do. She asks why did not she inform her about Bunty coming home inebriated and needed Madhav’s support. Sagariaka says he was not inebriated but tired. Amma shows Satya’s clicked pic and howmuch lies she will tell. Sagarika says she already told Bunty not to drink. Amma says she is reason for Bunty’s problems and asks her to keep away from her son. Sagarika thinks someone must be trying to add fuel in amma’s anger and she has to find out who it is.

Satya reaches Bunty’s office and though he did not marry her and married Sagarika instead, she really wants him and Sagarika to unite and tells him what all the problems happened. She gives him mango chutney and asks him to give it to Sagarika. He asks her to give it herself. She says Sagarika will be happy if he gives it to her. Sagarika reaches Bunty’s office and is surprised to see Satya there. She asks her what is she doing here. Satya says her friends wanted to come to Banaras, so she came to speak Bunty about tickets and leaves. Sagarika gives Bunty courier and leaves.

Amma sees Dad coughing and gives him herbal tea. He says he does not need it. She asks why is he adamant. He asks when is adamant, why can’t she. He says he is talking about something else. She gives him sweater and he refuses o wear it. She thinks what happened to him today.

Satya keeps flower bouquet and note in Bunty’s room and leaves thinking Sagarika has not seen her. Sagarika sees her walking out of her room.

Precap: Sagarika says Amma that she did not keep flowers for Bunty. Amma asks her to stop acting and says she knows Bunty will not break his promise. Sagarika thinks someone else is also there who does not want her and Bunty to unite.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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