Install Composer With Xampp

Composer is one of the best and most powerful package manager for PHP. With the help of composer user can easily manage their libraries or packages in a per-project basis. But by default composer will never install anything globally.

Installing Composer with XAMPP on Windows From, Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you. Composer is not a package manager. Acronis true image wd edition 2019.

  1. Learn how to Install Composer on Windows 10 with Xampp.
  2. Click on 'Start' 'Run' dialogue, type cmd and click 'OK'. On the command prompt, simply type composer and hit enter. If composer is successfully installed on your windows machine, you will see the below screen. Restart your machine and launch 'XAMPP' control panel and start using composer.
  3. How to Install Composer into XAMPP 1.8.3 on Windows 7.Also how to use Composer to create a basic Laravel and Yii2 project.Web sites used in video: http://www.
  4. Installing Magento from an archive lacks the advantages of using Composer. Contributing developers should use the git-based installation method. Before you continue, you must do the following: Complete all prerequisite tasks. Install Composer. Get authentication keys to the Magento Composer repository. Log in as file system owner.

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Before doing anything else you need to download and install XAMPP. If you don’t know how to install XAMPP on windows machine you can check my previous posts.

Before we start installation, we need to open php.ini file which is located in xampp/php/php.ini. Then find following lines one by one and remove semicolon (;) from the start.


After above changes we are ready for Composer Installation.

Install Composer on Windows Machine with XAMPP

First of all you need to download Composer-Setup.exe file from page. Once file downloaded click on it. After click on file, some permission window will open; feel free to click YES on that pop up. After that, Composer setup starts. Click on the next button as given below in the image.

After click on next. Settings Check window will appear here you add your php.exe path which is located in your XAMPP directory in PHP folder (xampp/php.exe).

After selecting php.exe click on next. It will then go to Proxy Settings. Here you can add proxy URL. Just click on next button because right now you don’t need to use proxy.

Next is ready to install window. Just click on Install button and installation will start.


After installation, Information window will open in which you need to close and open command line and file explorer but my recommendation is restart your Computer. Done

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Slim is a powerful php micro framework which allows developers to create web applications. In this tutorial I am going to describe you about how to install Slim Framework 3.

I will use Composer for installing Slim Framework. So I am assuming that you already install Composer on your Windows machine. If you don’t know how to install composer then check my post how to install composer on windows with XAMPP

First of all create a directory in your xampp/htdocs folder. In my example I am taking testSlim folder. Once testSlim folder is created then create composer.json (file name should be same ) file inside testSlim folder. Now open composer.json and paste following json code.


In the above json code “require” key is telling composer about your project dependencies. slim/slim-skeleton is a package name which consist of two parts first part is vendor name and second part is project name. 3.* is a package version which means any version in the 3 development branch or in other words version > 3.0 but < 3.9.

Now open your command prompt using xampp/htdocs/testSlim folder and type composer install.

Install Composer With Xampp Ubuntu

D:xampphtdocstestSlim composer install

Once you hit composer install, you will see the download process with package information and dependencies just like below.

usePsrHttpMessageServerRequestInterface asRequest;
usePsrHttpMessageResponseInterface asResponse;
echo'hello World';

Now goto browser and hit testSlim url like http://localhost:8080/testSlim you will see hello World. That’s it.

How to install xampp windowsWindows

I have started step by step tutorial on making website using slim 3 framework if you wish to learn click on below link.

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How To Install Composer With Xampp

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