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18 votes, 128 comments. I work at a quick oil change shop, in and out in 15 minutes. I'd say I have an above average knowledge of oil/cars, but. Jiffy Lube has been fucking up my life for the last week. I hate them so much. The short version of the story is that I brought my car (2003 VW Passat) to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they over filled the oil by 50% (put in 6 quarts instead of the required 4).

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Actions being taken:

  • We encourage our customers to remain in your vehicles while our Jiffy Lube technicians service your vehicle.
  • We have added industrial cooling units to every service bay, so you can remain cool and comfortable if you choose to remain in your vehicle for service.
  • Open bays with fresh air – so you can enjoy the natural surroundings.
  • At any given time we typically will have less than 10 people, including our staff, in the area to further adhere to CDC guidelines.
  • We have suspended lounge coffee in an effort to prevent the spread of germs.
  • We have increased routine cleaning protocols within every location. This includes using cleaning products that are effective against viruses and surface contamination.
  • All team members are practicing extreme caution and following the CDC guidelines for hand washing and sanitizing.
  • We ensure the restrooms are fully stocked with hand soap and sanitizers.

We are dedicated to our customers and appreciate your confidence as we navigate our way through this troubling time. Thank you for your continued support and in helping to ensure proper health and safety measures are taken at every turn.


ACE Jiffy Lube® Management

This isn't just an oil change; it's preventive maintenance to help keep your vehicle running right.

Simple houseware vacuum storage bags to space saver for bedding. From filters to fluids, give your transmission the care it deserves.

Your fuel system works hard. Jiffy Lube® works harder to keep it clean for max output.

When the road seems dim, have Jiffy Lube polish your lenses to restore headlight clarity.

We’re in your neighborhood

Whether you need the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change or any of the 12 Essential Services, there’s always a Jiffy Lube around the corner. Find your nearest Jiffy Lube MulticareMost Jiffy Lube Multicare® centers carry all 12 Essential Services and the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. Regular service centers carry only some of the 12 Essential Services, but the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change. location.

Visit Our Car Wash in Asheville, NC

Is your car looking a little worse for wear? You’d be amazed at the difference a thorough car wash can make in the appearance of your vehicle. At Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube, our team can give your car a spotless shine with our car wash services in Asheville, NC. Instead of doing the work yourself, leave it to us! Our team has years of experience, which means you can count on our quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. We’ll ensure your car looks as good as new. Visit us when your car is in need of a bath, and we’ll deliver a squeaky-clean result. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Affordable Car Wash & Detail Packages

At Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube, you don’t have to feel limited when you want to wash and detail your car. Our variety of packages offers exactly what you need. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a simple exterior shine or a complete clean all the way to the tires.

Take Your Pick from All of the Following Car Wash Packages
Exterior Car Wash – $8.99
  • Wash Exterior
  • Under Carriage Rinse
  • Towel Dry
Full-Service Car Wash – $15.99
  • Remove Litter
  • Vacuum Floors, Mats, & Seats
  • Wash Exterior of Vehicle
  • Undercarriage Rinse
  • Dust Dash, Steering Column, & Console
  • Towel Dry Exterior
  • Wipe Door Jambs
  • Clean Interior Windows
Exterior Deluxe Car Wash – $18.99
  • Exterior Car Wash
  • Under Carriage Rinse
  • TRANS-MATE Carnival Polish
  • Clear Coat Sealer
  • Tire Shine
Chammies Shine Car Wash – $18.99
  • Full-Service Wash
  • TRANS-MATE Carnival Polish
  • Clear Coat Sealer
  • Fragrance
Chammies “Special” Car Wash – $21.99
  • Full-Service Wash
  • TRANS-MATE Carnival Polish
  • Clear Coat Sealer
  • Wheel Brite
  • Tire Shine
  • Fragrance
Whole 9 Yards Car Wash – $25.99
  • Full-Service Wash
  • TRANS-MATE Carnival Polish
  • Clear Coat Sealer
  • Wheel Brite
  • Tire Shine
  • Fragrance
  • BLACK MAGIC Pro Shine Treatment (Dash & Console)
Whole 9 Yards Plus – $31.99
  • Full-Service Wash
  • Turtle WAX PRO
  • Fire Bath & Ice Instant Shine
  • TRANS-MATE™ Carnival Polish
  • Clear Coat Sealer
  • Wheel Brite
  • Tire Shine
  • Fragrance
  • BLACK MAGIC® Pro Shine Treatment (Dash & Console)

We Give You the Royal Treatment

At Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube, we work hard to ensure our customers get the very best service. You’ll get the royal treatment from our staff, no matter which package you choose. We even offer a complimentary car wash when you visit us for a signature service oil change. That means you can maintain your car and make it look great in a single visit! While you’re waiting, you can also check out our selection of auto accessories, automotive cleaning and waxing products, fragrances, as well as greeting cards. Visit us at 720 Hendersonville Road in Asheville, NC today.

Vehicle Restrictions

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to wash every type of vehicle at Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube. While we do our best to accommodate nearly every vehicle, ensuring it stays safe during the washing process, there are some vehicle features that prevent us from completing cleaning services. We are unable to wash vehicles that match any of the following descriptions:

  • Vehicles with a height greater than 88”
  • Vehicles that are wider than 70” from inside driver tire to the outside passenger tire
  • Trucks with beds containing fuel tanks
  • Trucks with uncovered beds that are not completely empty and free of debris
  • Trucks with dual rear tires
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed, tripod-style mirrors
  • Trucks or vans with ladders
  • Vehicles with larger ladder racks
  • Vehicles that sit 5” or less from the ground
  • Vehicles with tires wider than 12.5”
  • Vehicles with excessive mud
  • Vehicles with brush guards that extend to the headlights
  • Ford Raptor trucks

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An Important Note About Our Car Washing Services

At Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube, the safety of your vehicle is of utmost importance to us. We keep your car safe during the entire washing process, giving you peace of mind. However, there are some previous conditions and accessories that may put your car at risk during our washing services. We cannot be responsible for damages that might occur if your vehicle has any of the following:

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Price Reddit

  • Previously chipped or cracked paint
  • Non-factory parts or modifications
  • Power antennas
  • Spare tire covers
  • Ski racks
  • Dodge full-size truck antennas or fenders
  • Vehicles that 15 years or older
  • Vehicles with bike racks or any rear-mounted racks

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If you’d like to learn more about our custom car washing services, reach out to the team at Chammies Car Wash & Jiffy Lube today. We are open six days a week to better service our customers in Asheville, NC. Visit Us to have your car washed today. We know you won’t be disappointed.