Jiffy Lube Transmission Filter Change Cost

Like an oil change for your transmission, help optimize performance and longevity of this key system with a visit to Jiffy Lube® for a transmission fluid exchange. WHAT WE DO: Jiffy Lube® removes the used fluid and replaces it with new transmission fluid that meets or exceeds your manufacturer's specifications. Jiffy Lube Transmission Service Coupon. 80% off (3 days ago) (6 months ago) jiffy lube transmission service coupon - couponsbuy.net. 80% off (2 months ago) Oil Change transmission flush - Jiffy Lube coupons. 80% off Offer Details: Never pay the full price for brake service, emissions, tire rotation or transmission flush at Oil Change as this company always offers online discounts and coupons. A typical cost of transmission fluid change range between $85 and $200. This includes a new filter, which costs about $20 to $30, and 5 to 15 quarts of fluid. Jiffy Lube transmission fluid change cost Automatic transmission fluid exchange $135.99. Oregon oil changes and other automotive by Jiffy Lube. Visit your nearest Oregon Jiffy Lube for a quality oil change and other automotive services.

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Transmission Flush & Fluid Change

Transmission fluid lubricates, cools and cleans internal transmission parts. Additives in the fluid can deplete over time and many manufacturers recommend that it be replaced periodically. Replacing your transmission fluid and filter according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations helps preserve the life of the transmission and helps maintain your vehicle warranty. Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, your Jiffy Lube® technician can help you determine which if any is necessary for your vehicle based on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Jiffy Lube offers four Transmission Services.

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmission gears deliver power from the engine to the drive wheels. Over time, the fluid inside the automatic transmission degrades. Manufacturers often recommend replacement at intervals stated in years of service or km of driving. The interval may be shorter for severe use. Replacing transmission fluid at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service intervals improves lubrication and helps to maximize the life of the transmission.

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Manual Transmission Service

Manual transmission lubricant protects gears, bearings, shafts and other internal components. Changing the manual transmission fluid at Jiffy Lube® at the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended interval can help prevent premature wear, damage to the transmission and costly repairs.


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Please note: Not all Jiffy Lube® service centres offer all Transmission Services. Please call ahead to ensure these services are available. Find Your Jiffy Lube now

Jiffy Lube's $100 automatic transmission flush, done by entry-level people, is incomplete. They will not change the automatic transmission filter, a key part of the flush, but which also violates the corporate 15-minute service rule.

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Also know, how much does it cost to get a transmission flush?

Average Cost and FactorsThe typical price range for a transmission flush is $125 to $250 – approximately twice as much as a fluid change due to the additional fluid required (12-22 quarts instead of 5-7 quarts) to completely replace the old fluid. The average you can expect to pay is $150 for the full service.

Transmission Fluid Change Cost 2021 – Valvoline, Jiffy Lube ..

Subsequently, question is, does Jiffy Lube Do transmission fluid change? At Jiffy Lube®, our transmission fluid change replaces old depleted fluid with new transmission fluid whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, helping your internal transmission parts and gears work for a smooth ride.

Correspondingly, are transmission flushes worth it?

If you do a lot of mountain driving or heave towing, then a flush would be necessary. Under normal driving conditions, a flush is NOT necessary at 46K miles. The shops make money on flushes, that's why they recommend them. Most transmissions are good for 100,000 miles before requiring maintenance.

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How much is a transmission flush at Walmart?

Jiffy Lube Transmission Filter Change Cost Near Me

Transmission fluid services are not available at Walmart Auto Care Centers. For a transmission fluid change or a transmission flush, you'll need to visit a full-service automotive care center like Midas. Transmission service prices at Midas vary by vehicle but range from $90 to $150. Walmart Brake Services?