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The Jitsi project is to introduce a new plugin for openfire called JitsiMeet which is an easy to deploy and configure version of their JItsi Meet OpenSource (MIT) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, scalable video conferences. Jitsi Meet is an open source instant videoconferencing web application, which uses XMPP. Combining Jitsi videobridge and Jitsi Meet into a single package, Openfire Meetings makes WebRTC video conferences simple to deploy and use. Otalk is an open-source platform for building realtime applications using XMPP. Just came across Jitsi Meet, a WebRTC app for use with The app itself is under the Apache license. However, it relies on Facebook’s React Native, which has two implications: React Native comes with its own build process (which I’m currently struggling with), no idea of how easy it is going to be to get that on F-Droid. React Native is made available under a three.

I am late to answer, but I want to share some info with other people trying to run jitsi-meet on Windows. You can't use Prosody, so we will switch to Openfire.You can than go the embarrassingly simple way (install Openfire Meetings plugin through Openfire administration and you have jitsi-meet running), or the adventurous and not-that-simple way (built from sources):

  1. Install Openfire, most values stay default or are based on your configuration.

  2. Enable http-bind.

  3. Install Jitsi Focus Conference plugin (Jifoco)

  4. To build the libs, you will need NodeJS and Python27 installed (I will assume you know how to use NodeJS). Clone the repository, install the dependencies and make some minor changes to webpack.config.js to actually build the sources on windows. I didn't manage to get them through PR, but I think I covered all of the changes in this Issue: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/1975

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  5. Change the config.js to point to your Openfire installation (I cheated here a bit and installed the OFMeet plugin to Openfire, opened the Jitsi-Meet window and copied config.js contents through Developer Tools - set up to connect to openfire)

  6. Replace the virtual script includes to normal html includes and point them to your libs

  7. You can use the libs to start jitsi-meet as you please. For example: I just created an empty Asp.Net MVC web application, changed the MVC router, added index.html and libs and it worked. (I remember having some problems, but they were tied more to MVC than to jitsi-meet)

I hope I didn't forget something. If you need anything specific, feel free to contact me.

Jitsi Videobridge Openfire Plugin


Jitsi Videobridge Openfire Plugin Download

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Ejabberd Settings

Creating a Componenet for Jicofo

Creating a User for Jicofo

Jicofo Setup

in /etc/jitsi/jicofo/sip-communicator.properties add following line to accept the Openfire Certificate

in /etc/jitsi/jicofo/config

Jitsi Video Bridge Setup

in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/sip-communicator.properties

in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config

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