Love Ka Hai Intezaar

  • No. of Episodes 120
  • Duration 30 Minutes
  • Genre Romance
  1. Love Ka Hai Intezaar Episode 73
  2. Love Ka Hai Intezaar
Love Ka Hai IntezaarLove Ka Hai IntezaarLove ka hai intezaar full episode

After a torrid romance, Prince Madhav Singh leaves a hurt and humiliated Kamini at the altar. Kamini delivers their love child and swears to never let her experience the ordeal she went through. But life and love are both twisted and show their tricks when least expected.

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Love Ka Hai Intezaar Episode 73


Love Ka Hai Intezaar

Despite having a successful Bollywood career and a media-pervaded life, Kamini Mathur guarded her secret – a passionate affair with the charming Prince of Bhavanigarh – Madhav Singh. She was middle-class, he was a Prince; she was young and drunk in his love, while he was married and had a baby girl. Although chalk and cheese, they tried hard to fuse their lives together. His divorce was almost through. The nearest jiffy lube. And the fairy tale wedding was announced. But when the day arrived, Madhav developed cold feet. For the sake of his daughter, he abandoned Kamini at the altar, plunging her into a life of shame and pain. A shattered Kamini discovers that she is pregnant and soon, a daughter, Mohini, is born to her. Mohini grows up in the proverbial ivory tower, unaware of her past, believing Kamini to be her elder sister. Once she comes of age, Kamini decides to script Mohini’s film career, but without the hurt and humiliation that love brought upon her. Little did she know, what was in store!! Mohini’s debut director Raju was her childhood sweetheart and Madhav, his mentor. For Kamini, life had come a full circle when Mohini fell hopelessly in love with Raju, forcing Kamini to cross paths with Madhav, once again.