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I picked up the 'M5A1 Stuart 5th Canadian Armored Division' bundle on sale last week and decided to let it roam the jungle a bit. Patreon - https://www.pat. War Thunder has invitation (referal) system, using which you and the player you invite receive game bonuses. Invite friends to War Thunder & get 50 golden eagles. War Thunder has invitation (referal) system, using which you and the player you invite receive game bonuses. Invite friends to War Thunder & get 50 golden eagles. M5A1 Stuart OP so, yeah as the title says, the stuart is rediclously OP, i was in a Panzer IV, stuart penetrated angled front armour, then i was in a StuG 3 aufs E and it penetrated front, it needs to be removed or nerfed seriously.

The M5 was first used in the invasion of Casablanca in French North Africa. By 1943, during the invasion of Sicily, the M5A1 was becoming the standard light tank of the US. Because of their limited fire-power, the M5A1 eventually took on reconnaissance and escort duties in Italy, it was used all over the European and Pacific theatres of operation. The M5A1 was quite effective against most Japanese armour used in the Pacific theatre. The 37 mm main gun, although obsolete in Europe, was found to be effective against Japanese targets.
Two Cadillac flat head V8 engines which used the General Motors Hydramatic transmission making gear change easy. The engine and transmission were nearly unaltered from the automotive applications, which were usually found in the Cadillac LaSalle and other top General Motors civilian vehicles. The Cadillac engines operated reliably but were underpowered. The petrol fueled V8′s ran very quietly unlike the noisy radial aircraft engines in previous models.

Now M5A1 can pen almost 80mm of armour at point blank range. No suprise it penned you. If it was nerfed a couple of other american tanks were nerfed toosince they have the same gun. And making a tank have a gun not able to pen is just making a tank underpowered.

Source – – http://devblog.warthunder.com/2014/12/11/steel-generals-m5a1/?hl=en

War Thunder Steel Generals M5A1

The M5 was a USA light tank, that replaced the old M3. The main feature of M5 was the Hydramatic transmission with twin Cadillac V8 engine power plant. The main problems were the complexity of Hydramatic transmission, that prevent field repairs, and the necessity of maintance procedures and supply of spare parts. In August 1942 for the first time the M5 was tested for 3370 miles and this vehicle was superior in performance and efficiency to any other light tank in service. A new turret was developed from design of M3A3 turret. On it a M6 37mm gun was mounted togheter an SCR 508 radio and a .30mm AA machine gun. Another improved turret was built with a shield on the right side and the two side pistol ports were eliminated completely. An escape hatch was located o the floor of the hull, behind the assistant driver’s seat. This improved tank was designated, on September 1942, as M5A1 (17 tons). The production of this vehicle started in December and 6810 M5A1 tanks were built until June 1944. They also were allocated under Lend Lease program to Great Britain (1131), 5 to Soviet Union, 226 to French in North Africa.

Reference – R.P. Hunnicutt, Stuart. History of American Light Tank, vol. I, pp. 175-198.

L’M5 fu per la prima volta usato durante l’invasione di Casablanca, nel Nord Africa Francese. Dal 1943, durante l’invasione della sicilia, l’M5A1 lo standard tra i carri leggeri USA. A causa della potenza di fuoco limitata, l’M5A1 prese il compito di carro ricognizione e scorta. Venne usato anche nei teatri di guerra del Pacifico, dive il 37mm si rivelò efficace contro i corazzati giapponesi. L’M5 era alimentato da un motore v8 cadillac e si muoveva grazie ad una trasmissione General Motors Hydramatic, che consentiva un cambio marcia agevole. In sostanza questo sistema venne facilmente adattato, senza troppe modifiche, anche alle automobili e in generale ai mezzi civili, come la Cadillac LaSalle. A quanto pare i motori Cadillac giravano bene ma erano sottopotenziati, tuttavia il V8 sull’M5 andava bene a differenza di quello radiale montato sugli aerei, abbastanza rumoroso.

M5a1 war thunder tank

M5A1 №66

Bear of Kinmen is a nickname for M5A1 Stuarts of the 1st Battalion of the 3rd Regiment of the Twelfth Corps of the Republic of China Army. I would suggest one of them, №66, as a premium at battle rating 2.3, and to make it a bit more unique, it could have special decals / markings on it, the number 66 on the side, as well as the ROC roundel on the side of the turret, and on the front hull. Alternatively, include multiple camouflages with different units, like №64 or №65. I also think it would be nice to include this tank in game, as the gunner of №66, Xiong Zhenqiu, died last December at the age of 90.


Despite the retreat to Taiwan by the Republic of China, the ROC still held on to the Kinmen and Matsu islands off the coast of Fujian province. The People's Liberation Army saw these islands as essential in order to invade Taiwan, to finally end the Civil War. Their plan was to take Kinmen by attacking from Aotou, Dadeng, and Lianhe, by launching an advance force of 9,000 men, then to be followed up by a further 10,000 men to take the island in about 3 days. The reason for this estimate is the island was thought to be defended by only 2 ROC divisions.

M5a1 td war thunder

But the ROC forces were expecting an attack here, and as such fortifications began to be built on the island. In October of 1949, 7,455 landmines were laid, with 200 earthen bunkers built on the shores of Kinmen, as well as several anti-amphibious landing beach obstacles. Reinforcing the garrison on the island were 22 M5A1 Stuarts of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Tank Regiment, veterans of the Burma campaign in World War II, combat proven infantry, and supplies from the 12 Army.

During the afternoon on October 24th, M5A1 №66 was engaging in anti-invasion exercises with the garrison, when it got stuck in a soft patch of sand, intending to return to the company bivouac. This tank was commanded by 1st Lieutenant Yang Chan. Multiple attempts to free it were tried, but all failed. Yang headed to Tingpao to get help. At 3 AM, he returned, bringing an unditching ramp and some leftover rations. This was rather unfortunate timing to be stuck, as that very morning, the PLA launched their attack on Kinmen via an armada of wooden boats.

M5a1 Td War Thunder

Due to the crudeness of their craft, plus choppy weather and seas, many PLA vessels ended up at Guningtou instead of Longkou. A barrage of artillery opened up from the opposite shore, sending shrapnel everywhere around M5A1 №64, №65, and the stuck №66, as well as some 200 Youth Army troops. Once the barrage ended, communist forces from PLA Regiment 144 began landing, and 1st Lieutenant Yang Chan ordered №64 and №65 to line up around №66 and face the shoreline.

Once they had done so, they all opened fire on the landing PLA forces. Sergeant Xiong Zhenqiu, the gunner of №66, managed to hit a PLA ship's mast, the high heat of the shell igniting the grease covered sails, which then spread to other ships due to the breeze. The Youth Army members in nearby bunkers opened up as well, and with the tanks, would mow down dozens of PLA infantry over the next hour, fending off repeated assaults against infantry armed with grenades or demolition charges. The interesting part is the spot №66 had broken down in was perfectly aligned to defend the town of Qionglin and the high ground at Guanyinting Hill, which, if captured, could allow the PLA to split the island in two.

During the initial invasion, an ROC tank landing ship just happened to be nearby. It had intended to leave the previous day, but was in the midst of a peanut oil smuggling operation, and devastated PLA infantry trying to land with 20mm and 40mm cannons. These two little 'accidents' ended up significantly helping the ROC maintain its independence during and after the war.

Unfortunately, during the fire fight, driver Tseng Shao-lin of the immobilized №66 was killed by a hail of bullets after firing outside the tank at an enemy infantry squad coming with demolition charges, the first casualty of the tank unit. Other tank units on the island also held back the attack, using their entire tank as an improvised road roller to crush PLA infantry when they ran out of ammunition, and ultimately the battle ended with all PLA infantry who had landed on the island captured or killed, and a massive morale boost for the ROC. The pivotal role the M5A1s had played earned them the name 'Bear of Kinmen' by ROC troops.


War thunder m36. Sources

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