Math 126 Midterm 2

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The class schedule below will be updated on a weekly basis. Numbers in the reading column refer to sections in the course textbook
  1. Math 126, Section F, Summer 2011, Midterm II Aug 2, 2011 Name: Question Points 1 2 3 4 Total Instructions:. You are allowed to use one page of notes in your own.
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  3. Math 126 C Midterm Exam Summer 2010 1. (a) (4 points) Consider the triangle whose vertices are A(1,1,2), B(0,0,1), and C(−1,0,−1). Find the angle of the vertex B. Give your answer to the nearest degree or to the nearest hundredth in radians. (b) (4 points) Find an equation for the plane that is parallel to the plane 3x − y − 5z = 0.
  4. Math 126 Second Take-home Midterm Examination March 27 - April 6, 2011 Your completed exam is due no later than Wednesday April 6 at 2:20 pm. Your exam answers must state the original problem, followed by your so.

Strauss, Walter A. (2007). Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction, 2nd Edition, Wiley.
Uw math 126 midterm 2

Math 126 – Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. HW 2 due: 8: Sept 14: Separation of variables for heat flow: Fourier series. Midterm: 19: Oct.

1Aug 26 Where do PDE come from? 1.2,1.3
2Aug 28 Initial/boundary conditions and well-posedness 1.1,1.4,1.5
3Aug 31 The wave equation, causality and energy 2.1,2.2
4Sept 2 The diffusion equation: Maximum principle 2.3
5Sept 4 Diffusion on the whole line 2.4HW 1 due
Sept 7 Holiday (No class)
6Sept 9 Differences between waves and diffusion 2.5
7Sept 11 Heat eqation on the half-line3.1HW 2 due
8Sept 14 Separation of variables for heat flow: Fourier series 4.1,4.2
9Sept 16 Fourier series 5.1-5.3
10Sept 18 Differentiating under an integral
11 Sept 21 L2 convergence of Fourier series 5.4HW 3 due
12 Sept 23 Pointwise convergence of Fourier series 5.5
13Sept 25 Discontinuous functions and uniform convergence 5.5HW 4 due
14Sept 28 Gibb's Phenomenon
15Sept 30 Regularity and decay of Fourier coefficients
16Oct 2 Solving PDE with Fourier series HW 5 due
17Oct 5 Laplace's equation 6.1
18 Oct 7Harmonic funtions 6.1
Oct 9 Midterm
19 Oct 12 Poisson's formula 6.3
20Oct 14 Laplace's equation in wedges and annuli 6.4
21Oct 16 Green's identities 7.1, 7.2HW 6 due
22 Oct 19 Dirichlet's principle 7.1, 7.2
23Oct 21 Green's functions 7.3
24Oct 23 Green's functions 7.3HW 7 due
25Oct 26Finite difference schemes 8.1, 8.2
26Oct 28Rate of convergence for heat equation
27Oct 30 Finite differences for wave equation 8.3HW 8 due
28Nov 2 Finite differences for Laplace's equation 8.4
29Nov 4 Convergence of Jacobi iterations
30Nov 6 Wave equation in 3D 9.1, 9.2HW 9 due
31Nov 9 Wave equation in 2D 9.2
Nov 11 Holiday (No class)
32Nov 13Distributions 12.1
33Nov 16Distributions 12.2HW 10 due
34Nov 18 Fourier transform 12.3
35Nov 20Fourier transform 12.4
36Nov 23Fourier transform 12.4HW 11 due
Nov 25 Holiday (No class)
Nov 27 Holiday (No class)
37Nov 30 Scalar conservation laws 14.1
38Dec 2 Scalar conservation laws 14.1
39Dec 4 Scalar conservation laws 14.1
Dec 11 Final exam review session HW 12 due
Dec 14Final Exam: 7pm-10pm

Math 125 Midterm 2

All files are in .pdf format; you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or asimilar viewer (such as xpdf for all you Unix/Linux fans) to openthese files.

Math 126 Midterm 2 Uw

Warning: The material that appears on each midterm may vary a bit from quarter to quarter.Some problems on these exams may pertain to material that will not appear on yourupcoming exam.

Math 126 Midterm 2

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