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This 'Naa Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha' actor gets TROLLED. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 Videos Mohan's look alike Vasu enters in Megha's life in Na Bole. Fight scene between Beera and Munna in Na Bole Tum Na Maine. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha is an unusual love story of Megha and Mohan who start off by hating each other and discover love in their tumultuous relationship. Jiffy lube high mileage oil change price. Megha is a dutiful daughter-in-law and a single mother of two kids who goes out of her way for her family.

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CHAPTER 06: Rabba Ve..

The Mehndi had been a jolly affair, followed by the sangeet. There was a lot of dancing and celebration where the Gupta’s and Raizada’s had really started to get to know each other; whereas on the other hand, both Khushi and Arnav were restless wondering when they will be able to see each other properly.


2 days had passed by, and it was now the Haldi. Khushi was getting ready as usual but only after receiving his blank message in the morning. Her morning starts with him and her day ends the same.

Khushi was getting ready upstairs in her hotel room, while Arnav had just finished his Haldi ceremony. His Haldi was also held in the hotel, since all the functions had been there. After Arnav’s Haldi was done, he was sent home to change but he sneakily hid behind a pillar to get a glimpse of his would be wife.

He managed to see her back figure and was delighted to see her in his design. She was wearing a simple yellow outfit with simple golden-red border and hair in braided (one that Sanaya actually wore in the show 'Chhanchhan').

She was made to sit on a stool, with her back towards him. Turn by turn the elder women firstly put Haldi on Khushi and gave her their blessings. Next was Anjali’s turn followed by all the friends and relatives of the Gupta’s.

Payal: “My turn!” She screamed as she rushed over to Khushi and covered her with Haldi. Both girls started playing around, with the families admiring their bonding already.


Maya: “The Haldi ceremony is said to remove any nervousness from the groom. But my son seemed to be happy” she teased.

Payal: “He was probably thinking about Khushiji’s sparkling face after her Haldi would be done” she joined it.

Garima: “You’re troubling my daughter so much before her wedding, what will happen after?” She laughed

Anjali: “We will trouble her more, na?” She laughed.

Payal: “Awh yeah. Seen as in he is going to give his wife more priority now” She laughed but Anjali took her comment seriously..

Dadi: “Okay, okay that’s enough teasing for now! The Haldi is so we can bless the couple with fortune and prosperity. So all my blessings are with, dear” She said cupping Khushi’s cheek, “Go get cleaned up Beta, we’ll meet you back down here” she smiled as Khushi got up giving Dadi a hug, got up to leave.

She was now walking in the same direction as him, but he was busy trying to get out of the hotel before someone caught him. They were both reaching the same place when Khushi gets tangles in the curtains, taking Arnav along with her. She was just about to scream in fear when he quickly covers her mouth with his hands, over the curtains. They could only see each other’s eyes and it was enough for Khushi to realize that it was Arnav there. They were lost in each other’s eyes, which seemed to be a never ending road for them both..

*Rabba Ve*

*Rabba Ve*

Arnav slowly lifts his hand up to remove the curtain from her face when he is suddenly caught by his ear and dragged out forcefully.

Dadi: “Everybody Look! Look who I found sneaking about” Khushi heard this and quickly ran from there blushing. Arnav looked back to see her retreating figure and cursed Dadi for coming at the wrong time. He was going to go after her but failed as Dadi was still holding his ear.

Garima: “Oh ho, Arnav Beta. The wedding is tomorrow. Couldn’t you wait?” She giggled.

Maya: “Arnav, Badmaash” She said as she went over and pulled his other ear.

Arnav: “Maaa, Dadi! You’re hurting me..”

Anjali: “Good! That’s what you get for being mischievous. Nice plan, huh? Was your to-be-wife involved too?” She said sneakily.

Arnav: “I’m going..” He said pouting as he ran away from them quicker than they could stop him. They all laughed at Arnav’s new side and wished the best for the couple.


Meanwhile, In Khushi’s room she was holding his photo next to her heart to stop her erratic beatings. She was blushing profusely remembering their earlier encounters and could only wish Dadi would have come a little later. She put the picture back under her pillow and went to wash the Haldi off.


Arnav (In Thoughts): “I can’t wait! I mean tomorrow, she will be officially Mrs Raizada. 13 Hours Left. Hmm, Should I text her? I don’t know..Hmmm..”

After a lot of thought he, texted her goodnight blank text and receiving her message soon after, he falls into a deep slumber eagerly waiting for the next day.


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