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With the release of Plex Media Server 1.22.0 today you’ll now have a new Plex TV Series (BETA) option under Agent for TV libraries.

New Plex Movies

Plex is your home for free TV and movies, giving you access to 80+ live channels and thousands of on-demand titles from around the world. Stream music, podcasts, news, and more, all wrapped in a beautiful interface. No other free streaming service delivers more content to. I've been running a Plex server for a few years via Unraid. While Plex has been serviceable for me during that time, I suffered all sorts of random performance issues where libraries were slow to load, recommended tabs would randomly time out or take 30-45 seconds to load, going into tv shows would take 5+ seconds or more to show episode thumbnails, movie collections would take forever to open.

This option will not yet be the default for new libraries but we would like to give you the option of trying it out and providing us with feedback while it’s in beta. There are two ways to try it out:

Creating a new library:

  • When setting up a new library, before clicking the “Add Library” button on creation, go to the Advanced tab and select the Agent dropdown (do not change the Scanner) and choose “Plex TV Series (BETA)”

Migrating an existing library:

  • Edit the library, either from the side pane or via Settings → (Manage) Libraries.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select the Agent dropdown (do not change the Scanner) and choose “Plex TV Series (BETA)”, then Save Changes.
  • At this point a scan will be triggered looking for new items but your existing shows will not be changed until you a.) run a Refresh Metadata (per show or on the entire library) or, b.) new episodes are added to an existing show.

IMPORTANT: Migrating an existing library will make visible changes to much of the metadata on existing items once their metadata is refreshed (locked fields will not be changed). You can choose to revert back to the prior agent at any time, just remember you’ll need to Refresh Metadata again after the change.

And that’s all there is to it! If you have issues to report please create a new post here: Metadata & Adding Files - Plex Forum

NOTE: This new agent, like the modern Music and Movie agents, no longer has separate options in Settings → Agents. All these options now live inside the Advanced section when editing the library itself.

If you’d like to know more on what has changed you can keep reading.

The data

Much of what makes all this work is having good data, this is why we pull in rich metadata from multiple sources, try and filter out the not so great stuff, and present the highest quality options we can. This is something we tweak over time as new data sources are added, or old ones are removed.

With the previous TV agents you had to pick between either using TheTVDB and The Movie Database. The new Beta TV agent removes the line between these two (*mostly, we’ll get to episode ordering) and can provide data not only from both of these but also other sources like IMDb and IVA for trailers and other extras.

TV is not like the others

In a perfect world we’d all live free of having to worry about how our episodes are ordered but unfortunately right now not everyone always agrees whether that two-part episode of Star Trek was Ep1 & Ep2 or just Ep1 or whether TV “Specials” are even the same thing. This is why we have provided an episode ordering preference at the Library level now (along with the existing preference at the Show level).

Under Advanced in the Library there are two options, The Movie Database or TheTVDB. The option you choose here should correspond to how the files on your disk are named when it comes to the episode index. If you’re unsure you can just leave this at the default value and if you notice that a Show isn’t ordered correctly you can tweak this per Show by editing it (from the icon) and selecting the Advanced tab.

Here there are also two additional options for TheTVDB (DVD) and TheTVDB (Absolute) - these options will give you much finer control for those shows that require it.

So, is there like, anything new?

We really hope that matching accuracy will improve for most people with this new agent so you’ll have to do less Fix Matching. If however you do end up in the Fix Match screen you should be able to find what you’re looking for much easier now as we now show a poster and summary for the show matches (like we do with movies).


New Plex Update

If the results you get back don’t have what you’re looking for you can still search manaully using title and year by hitting the “Search Options” link. If you really know what you want you can use external ids from TheTVDB, The Movie Database or IMDB to get a match directly by entering a prefix and the id into the title field, e.g.)


Once you’re all matched up you’ll be happy to know that another feature from the Movie agent also makes an appearance in TV shows and that’s extras.


Plex Pass Extras

If you have a Plex Pass subscription you’ll be able to automatically get trailers and extras for shows. Just note that not all Shows have extras available. Just ensure you have the “Find Extras” option enabled in the Advanced section in the TV library’s settings.

Local Extras

This is something that we know has been requested for a while so it’s now officially supported in Plex Media Server 1.22.0 with the Beta TV agent with more extended support rolling out to clients in future updates.

Certain clients do not yet fully support TV extras, but keep an eye out on our forum as our support pages will be updated once official support is available.

Currently the only clients that fully support extras at all levels are the mobile iOS and Android apps. Other apps like the Web client, Android TV, Apple TV and Roku have limited support while the modern TV interface for Smart TVs does not yet have support for any local TV extras.

New plex server

Show and Season Extras:

Follow the same guidelines as per local movie extras: Local Files for Trailers and Extras Plex Support

Https Mobile Plex Online


Episode Extras:

Episode extras must be named exactly like the episode it’s accompanying. Use the suffixes outlined in the “Inline extras” part of Local Files for Trailers and Extras Plex Support .

New Plex Features


You can add multiple episode extras of the same type by adding a number index to the end of the suffix:

Plex Free Movies


There are a few other small improvements and additions like episode level cast hubs, season titles and summaries, improved visibility of metadata refreshes via activities in the Web client, extended localization support, faster metadata updates with more improvements to come in future updates.

List Of Plex Channels

Currently known issues/limitations

  • Certain episode ordering options have a small amount of missing episode metadata. (Issue with TheTVDB - being followed up).
  • Season titles and summaries are only available when using The Movie Database ordering.
  • Show level cast list can be limited for certain shows.