Orangebox Do Office Chair

Orangebox has recently launched their Orangebox 'Do' chair as part of their Quickship range in response to Covid-19 and Working From Home initiative. All chairs are in stock where they are manufactured in Wales and can be delivered Nationwide, Free of Charge within 3 working days

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Quickship Product Description

The Orangebox Do chair now available with a choice of seat colours now on a 3-5 working day delivery timescale. The Do chair with its user-centred design and a weight balancing mechanism, Do doesn’t have a multitude of knobs and levers to find and struggle with. Orangebox Do Mesh back office chair has the attributes of more expensive ergonomic office chairs but in an easy to use affordable and stylish packa. View full details £499.00 £189.00 Save 62% Quick shop Add to cart Save 89% £1,599.00 £179.00 Orangebox Calder Hi-Back Swivel in Beige Leather.

  • The pinnacle of modern office chair design. The Do chair is iconic, with patrons across the globe. Its unique look is professional and attractive, and its contoured shape has been designed to benefit the user’s wellbeing. Orangebox products are ergonomically beneficial, environmentally responsible.
  • The story of DO task chair. Do is the result of us taking a completely fresh look at task chair design and we've worked hard to do more with less; less mater.

Head Office & Manufacturing Grand Rapids. 4595 Broadmoor Ave SE Suite 120, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. T: +1 (616) 988-8624 / +1 (866) 232-2149 (Toll Free).

Black Seat Pad & Black Technical Mesh, Optional Black or White Plastic Frame

Orangebox pods

Castors: 65mm Hard Black Castor.

Base: 26 inch Black Nylon Base as standard, with removable collar to aid recycling.

Mechanism: Standard Mechanism. Synchronous and weight balancing action with up to 20 deg of recline. Non-locking to encourage movement throughout the day.

Arms: Height Adjustable Arms as standard colour matched to the backrest, available in Black or White. Black TPU, soft touch armpad with 100mm of height adjustment.

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Backrest Frame: Available in Black or White.

Backrest Upholstery Plate: Available in Black for Quickship

Backrest Material: Black ‘techincal’ mesh,

Lumbar Pad: Black, flexible TPU pad with 100mm of height adjustment.

Orangebox Do Office Chair

Gas Lift: Black, powder-coated steel barrel on task chairs

Seat: Black seat pan with 76mm of seat slide depth adjustment. Integrated seat height and seat depth controls.

Seat Cushion: Combustion Modified High Resilient (CMHR) moulded foam. Seamless cover for Black fabric upholstery

Orangebox Do Chair

The Orangebox Do chair is a mid to high spec multi-user office chair moreover designed for flexibility.


The standard Orangebox Do chair comes with an intelligent balance mechanism which self adjusts to the users weight. The technical mesh back offers fantastic flexible support with it’s integrated adjustable lumbar support. Great breathability also comes from the mesh back.

Orangebox Fabrications

There are a multitude of options, including a tilt limiter on the mechanism.

An array of adjustable arm options, and several different back frame colours to choose from help to individualise the chair.


Orangebox Aspect

The chair comes as standard with a technical mesh black back, black base, balance mechanism, hard floor castors with the seat upholstered in Xtreme Plus fabric. For further information please contact us.