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Over the toilet storage for small spaces closet

A vanity mirror that doubles as storage, like this mirror with a built-in shelf, will help you get the most out of every inch of wall space. The approximately 5-inch-deep shelf can hold toiletries or decorative accessories, clearing up the vanity top. Plus the stylish dark bronze finish and rounded shape have that chic boutique hotel bathroom vibe.

  • Small spaces aren’t a problem with the right storage. Over the toilet storage will help you maximize small spaces easily, so make sure to get one and make your bathroom look and feel roomy and less cluttered. And for more tips and tricks on maximizing space and versatile storage, check out Storables.com!
  • .Over the Toilet Bathroom Space Saver Cabinet in Espresso.Espresso finished space saver provides simple elegance in any bathroom.Two doors with chrome-finished knobs allow easy access to top storage cabinet.Drop door cabinet below open shelf provides additional hidden storage option.Space-efficient shelving utilizes wasted storage area over.
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If you have a small space for your bathroom, but want an elegant bathroom, you can try this idea. You can build a sink with a little space for over the toilet storage. It can be used to store your soap, shampoo, and even some decorations such as flowers or green plants.

Over The Toilet Storage For Small Spaces

Wall shelves are a no-brainer when it comes to a small bathroom. They add storage and decoration, and they're versatile enough to be hung just about anywhere. This set of industrial-style wall shelves includes hooks, a towel rack and even a place to hold your hair dryer. They're made of solid 'dampproof wood,' perfect for humid bathrooms.

A storage cart like this one is a great addition to any small space, and the bathroom is no exception. At less than 9 inches wide, the slim cart is perfect for tight spaces. It can squeeze next to your vanity or toilet for extra storage, and easily be rolled out of the way when needed. Happy reviewers say it looks high-end despite its low price tag, and are impressed by the sturdy construction.

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If towels are taking over your small bathroom — consider a row of hooks instead of a traditional towel bar. A hook rack handles more towels neatly in a row, and encourages quick pick-up. No fussy folding necessary! If you're short on wall space, hang them behind a door. The simple, modern style blends well with any bathroom decor.


Although a pedestal sink is a popular choice for small bathrooms, it doesn't offer any storage. If you're redoing a small bathroom, consider a petite vanity cabinet like this one. It has the benefits of a small footprint, but still packs a punch when it comes to storage; including a roomy cabinet and two drawers.

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Here's another clever way to get more of that coveted bathroom storage space. An over-the-toilet shelf unit makes use of otherwise wasted wall space, and can fit a large amount of items on its three spacious shelves. Use baskets to hide clutter and keep it looking tidy. Reviewers are impressed with the easy assembly.

Over The Toilet Storage Target

Who knew toilet paper storage could be so ingenious? This clever toilet paper stand holds four mega rolls, freeing up cabinet space and making your toilet paper easily accessible. It also features a handy shelf for personal care items or your phone.

How To Save Space In Small Bathroom

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This luxurious looking bathroom accessories kit holds toothbrushes, makeup brushes and soap all within its 10-in. width. You can also use the tray separately to corral jewelry or other small items. Organization is essential when it comes to getting the most out of your small bathroom.

This slim trash can takes up minimal space while offering maximum trash capacity. The motion sensor lid means you won't be crouched over in a tight spot, fighting with a step pedal or stubborn lid.

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Over The Toilet Storage For Small Spaces Furniture

This towel ladder can hold a large amount of towels while only taking up a narrow space next to the wall. Plus the top shelf can be used for storage, and it's tall enough to fit a clothes hamper or trash can underneath. Multi-functional storage is key in a small bathroom.