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G'day Everyone, Today I try out a different styled video trying to improve on the last P-38 video that I made over a year ago.Find me on, https://twitter.com. F6f war thunder. The Lockheed P-38G Lightning was a twin-engine heavy fighter in use by the U.S. Army Air Force distinct for its two booms housing its Allison engines and its central nacelle containing the cockpit and armament. The P-38G currently sits at Rank 2 in the American line with an upfront cost of 49,000. Design, Development, & History.

P 38 Lightning Still Flying

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Celebrating P-38 Lightning first flight anniversary:

P38 War Thunder

from January 28th 13:00 GMT (4:00 PST) to January 29th 13:00 GMT (4:00 PST)

War Thunder Game Manual

+30% RP gain for P-38G Lightning


In year 1939, Lt. Ben Kelsey would set a coast to coast speed record during testing of a new, high-performance, twin-engine interceptor. Completing the task in only 7 hours and 48 minutes and despite crashing upon landing, this flight established the reputation of the new P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft.
Many revisions and versions of the plane would be produced throughout the war. The P-38 displayed an impressive array of armament and outstanding maneuverability, earning the nickname “Fork Tailed Devil” due to its combat prowess against both air and ground targets and characteristic twin engine- twin boom design. The P-38 would serve in all theaters, and many Allied Nations during WWII. It's most famous single combat mission would be the in the Pacific, when a P-38 downed a Japanese G4M “Betty” containing the Japanese Combined Fleet commander-in-chief, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. P-38 was one of the most mass-produced US aircraft in World War 2 with over 10 000 machines put into service.

P38 War Thunder

P38 G1 War Thunder

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