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Step 3: Rename the Old PHP Folder. Next, go to XAMPP folder and select the php folder and rename it with something like php5 and then paste the extracted-new-php folder on XAMPP directory. You can see in the below image, how I did this. The best way to check whether your local server has been installed and configured correctly is to create a PHP test page, place it in XAMPP’s localhost folder, and then try accessing it via your browser. Let’s do that now. Create a new folder called test in your C: xampp htdocs directory. Now open browser and paste this URL localhost/testfile.php and hit enter, you should see My First PHP Script message on your browser. You have successfully installed XAMPP and created your first PHP Script, now you can start learning more about PHP and test it on your local machine. But to operate on localhost or for storing data first we have to start Apache and MySQL from XAMPP control panel. Let for example, database name is server, table name is userinfo having column name as ID, First Name, Username and Password and we have to fetch the data stored there. So, below is the PHP program whose task is to fetch data. Follow the below steps to Change localhost to custom domain name in XAMP server 1) Open the file C:WindowsSystem32driversetc and edit “as Administrator” = hosts file. Add the below line and save the file.

11 Dec Run PHP 8 program in XAMPP Server on localhost

PHP 8 release 26th November 2020. With that, the XAMPP support is now live for PHP 8. In this article, we will see how to setup XAMPP for PHP 8. With that, we will also see how to run your first PHP 8 program on localhost Windows 10.

Let’s start with installing XAMPP, and running first PHP program using XAMPP Server on localhost. Following are the steps:

  • Download and Install XAMPP
  • Create a new project in XAMPP and add your PHP program
  • Open XAMPP and run your first PHP program

Download and Install XAMPP

Step 1: Go to the Apache Friends website and download XAMPP Server (supporting PHP 8). Apache Friends is the official website to download XAMPP:


Step 2: After downloading, install it.

You can install it at any location. We installed XAMPP i.e. C: drive,


Create a new project in XAMPP

Step 3: Now, go to htdocs folder in Xampp folder and create your project folder.

Here, a folder AmitProject created, as in the below screenshot:

Step 4: Create a new PHP 8 file with .php extension. We have created a file with name, demo.php.

How To Use Xampp Php

Add the following sample code in it. We are printing a line in our PHP 8 file. We have embedded HTML code in the PHP file:

echo'<h2>Demo PHP Project</h2>';
echo'First PHP 8 program on localhost Windows 10<br>';

Open XAMPP and run your first PHP 8 program

Step 5: Go to start button, and type Xampp Server to open it.

This will open Xampp Server- Control Panel.

After opening it, just click Start on Apache to start the server. If “Status change detected: running” is visible, that means Apache Server ran successfully.

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Step 6: Now, go to the Web Browser and type the following and press enter:

Xampp run php file

On pressing ENTER, the following will be visible i.e. the location of your project directory with the files in it.


Locate your PHP file demo.php and click on it,

Step 7: After clicking demo.php Just press enter in the address bar, you can see the output of your first PHP program demo.php:

Install Php Xampp

We saw how to run a PHP 8 program using XAMPP Server on localhost. A step by step process to create a new PHP program file and run it to get the output.

Video Tutorial: Run PHP 8 on XAMPP

Here’s the video, explaining the steps shown above,

Note: You do not have to START Apache Server again and again. But, yes, if you “shut down” and “restart” your system, then there is a need of starting the server again.

Hope you liked the tutorial, kindly share it with others.


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