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Unique libraries, full control of the Plex Media Server, admin access and more. Hosted on hardware that is locally connected with a 10gbps link, media starts lightning fast on your Plex Server! 4K Ready, Transcode and Tautulli all available Mobile Sync with Plex Pass (Plex Pass required). Best Unofficial Plex Channels Spotify. Spotify is an online music streaming service that allows you to access over 30 million songs. There is no official Plex channel for Spotify yet, however, the unofficial channel will still let you listen to your favorite artist or track online.

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Plex Uk

This new EPG is next to useless. I have removed and re-added the Guide multiple times.

50 Best Plex Channels (Official and Unofficial) – Your Complete Guide. Eric Liston - August 23, 2017. Eric Liston - Eric Liston is a freelance writer. Please make sure to tag your post with the Plex Player your topic will be about. Online Media Sources. Video-on-demand, news, podcasts, TIDAL,.


Issues encountered here in the UK:

  1. The initial mappings are out of order for quite a few channels.
  2. Some channels just don’t exist e.g. E4, even though E4+1 does exist!!! (EDIT: E4 Now fixed )
  3. Even after a full EPG refresh, half the guide is missing (see screenshot) No data for BBC 1, 2 etc. If I go to the next day, then there is data for some channels, not all!
  4. Very inconsistent EPG data (see screenshot). If you look at Channel 5 for today, The friends episodes are all out of order e.g. E8, E10, E9, even though they are being aired in episode order. If the episode data is not correct, DVR functionality is going to be extremely broken.

This is making everything a nightmare when it comes to DVR. Before all of this I had convinced my parents to move to Plex. Starting to get nothing but grief from them now and wish I hadn’t.

VBox: These tuners require Plex Media Server v1.13.7 or newer. WinTV-quadHD: This device will show up as two dual-tuner devices. You can simply add it as two devices to a single Plex DVR to make use of all four tuners. The “Xbox One” tuners must be plugged into the computer running Plex Media Server, not into an Xbox One.

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I know this is in BETA, but this needs sorting ASAP now we are being forced to use this guide. I read somewhere, not sure is correct or not, that the data is coming from If it is, something is clearly wrong, as all the data is present and correct there!