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Before installing PyDev and Eclipse in Ubuntu 15.04 make sure you have java installed. To check whether java is already installed in your system type:

  1. Ubuntu MOTU Developers (Mail Archive) Please consider filing a bug or asking a question via Launchpad before contacting the maintainer directly. Original Maintainers (usually from Debian).
  2. First things first, go to pydev offcial page, it stated. See: the PyDev does not appear after install section on the download page for help on using a Java 8 vm in Eclipse. Visits this page, it shows. Well, the main issue at this time is that PyDev requires Java 8 in order to run. So, if you don't want to support PyDev by going the LiClipse route (which is mostly a PyDev standalone plus.
  3. Vim is my #1 preferred IDE right from the college projects and even today because it makes.

PyDev Project Configurations Create a new file with extension and place your code. To run the program, right-click and choose “ Run As → Python Run ” or press the run icon from the menu tray. You can also press “CTRL+F11” to run the program.

If java is installed you will get an output similar to the following:

If not then you will have to install java by typing:

Then download the appropriate Eclipse Installer. Bhaagyalakshmi watch online tamildhool. After the downloading is completed, go to your Downloads directory and extract the tar.gz file just downloaded. Go inside the directory eclipse-installer, right click on the file eclipse-inst and click Run. The following window will appear:

Select one of the options and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is finished, the last screen will provide you with an option to launch the application.

Once you are in Eclipse go to the menu Help –> Install New Software:

Click on Add:

In the Name filed type PyDev and in the Location filed type shown below:

In the Work with field make sure to select PyDev site and check the item called PyDev in the list below:

Click on Next, confirm your selection and accept the license agreements before clicking on Finish. To verify the installation, start a new project and select PyDev Project:

Pydev Ubuntu

Do a Quick Auto-Config for setting up the interpreter. Once the project is created, create a new file with .py extension. Write some Python code and click on Run.

Further Help:



This document refers to Eclipse 4.7 (Oxygen) for Windows, the most current version as of this writing. Note that different computer set ups and themes may mean that the appearance of the screen shots in this document may not match exactly your computer system. In particular, the Mac version of Eclipse looks significantly different, although it has the same functionality as the Windows version.

PyDev (Python Development Environment) is a plugin that enables users to use Eclipse for Python development -- making Eclipse a first class Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment) -- It comes with many goodies such as code completion, syntax highlighting, syntax analysis, refactoring, debug and many others From

Pydev requires that you first install a Python interpreter and the Eclipse integrated development environment. Pydev is a plugin for Eclipse and cannot be used without having both Python and Eclipse installed.

Pydev Ubuntu Install

Installing Python

Download the latest version of the Python interpreter from Choose the version appropriate to your computer. For Windows users you may choose Windows x86 (32 bit) or Windows x86-64 (64 bit). If you are unsure whether your particular PC supports 64 bit programs or not, choose standard Windows x86. Note where on your system you installed Python as you must know this when configuring Pydev. For the Mac choose the 64 bit version at all times.

As of this writing the latest version of Python available is 3.4.1.

Installing Eclipse

See Installing Eclipse.

Installing Pydev

Install Pydev by following the instructions in the Installing Plug-ins section of Installing Eclipse. The installation URL to enter into Eclipse's Install dialog box for Pydev is:

As of this writing the latest version of Pydev available is 3.7.1

Configuring Pydev

Pydev must be configured in order to work properly with your Eclipse and Python set ups. From the Eclipse main menu choose Window / Preferences. (For the Mac choose Eclipse / Preferences). This brings up the Preferences dialog box. Choose Pydev / Interpreter - Python:

Pydev Ubuntu Logo

The Quick Auto-Config may set Eclipse up the way you want it, but only if some version of Python 3 is selected. If no version of Python is found, follow the next steps. If an earlier version of Python is found, make sure that you remove it with the Remove button and follow the next steps.

Press the New button, and from the Select Interpreter name the interpreter (ex: Python) and browse to the the location of your python.exe file and select it. (The Python interpreter should be located wherever you installed Python on your system.) The following is an example of what the selected name and interpreter may look like:

Naming and selecting the Python interpreter brings up the Selection Needed dialog box:

Accept the default selections and press OK. The Preferences dialog box now shows the Python interpreter and libraries that you selected. Press OK to accept these values. Eclipse will take a moment to process these selections. You may now start programming in Python.

For Mac Users

Windows places all Python files in one place. Mac OS 10 splits the Python installation into two areas. The installation under System seems to be just user interface files. The actual Python executable that you must enter in the Select interpreter dialog box is at one of:


This varies depending on the version of Mac OS you are running.

Adding Libraries

The Python interpreter ships with a number of libraries, such as the math library, already installed. Other Python applications and programs may require further external libraries and you may add these libraries to your Pydev set up.

Pydev Ubuntu

To add a library to the Pydev installation, open the Preferences dialog box. (You used this item in the previous section to set up the Python interpreter.) This time you must add folders to the System PYTHONPATH. To do so press the New Folder button, and then browse to the folder containing the libraries you wish to add. After selecting the folder containing the new Python library press OK to confirm the selection.

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