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More About Office Chairs & Seating

Looking for office chairs & seating to use at home or office? Here at Huntoffice we provide a great selection of office chairs designed to be used in any workplace or home office. We now carry an additional range of over 1000 Irish and European manufactured office seating and chairs from some of the best know quality manufacturers. All our office chairs are fully test certified for standards BS7176 Crib 5 and EN7176 and is available in a huge range of quality fabrics and vinyls to suit any taste and budget. To quickly identify the office chair that is the most suitable for you we have divided office chairs into sub categories which shortly describe its characteristics.

Types Of Office Chair Levers

Setu Task Chair

• The category with the largest amount of products is office chairs one – it consists of office chairs designed for everyday use. The selection includes basic office chairs that are suitable for 7-8 hours of work as well as more advanced office chairs that can be used 24/7. With numerous models of office chairs and various features we are confident to say that we provide office seating to suit any customer.

• Another highly popular type of office seating that we have in our range is the manager and executive chairs. These are the top of the range office seating models upholstered with top quality leather and fabrics. Not only do they provide great comfort of work but they also come in unique designs which add extra value to any type of interior they are used in.

  1. To smoothly adjust the office chair’s height you should choose a chair with a pneumatic lever which is the most convenient system for increasing or decreasing the height in office chairs. Lumbar Support – it is a must for all quality office chairs to have a proper backrest which will thoroughly support all parts of the user’s back.
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  3. This completely new type of seat marked a departure from the idea of a chair as solid shell. Constructed of 61% recycled materials, the Eames Aluminum Group Chair is backed by a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s also 88% recyclable at the end of its useful life. This is an authentic Eames chair by Herman Miller.

• For customers who might suffer from back related issues or just want to prevent such from happening we offer a selection of posture office chairs. Posture office chairs bring great functionality combined with extra back support and reduction of back pains related to long term work in sitting position.

• Breakout seating - we have an extensive range of soft seating for breakout areas, meeting rooms, waiting areas and receptions. This breakout area seating is modular and can be made into multiple shapes and formations and comes in a variety of different colour finishes. It brings the idea of the “liquid work space” to life by understanding how technology is changing the way we work and how it has to connect different spaces within the workplace. Our Breakout furniture is a new concept designed to take advantage of these changes in the modern working environment where people need to have areas, called “breakout areas” where they can have small meetings in comfortable but less formal surroundings. Businesses must create agile workspaces that encourage collaboration, communications and the free exchange of ideas, whilst providing privacy and space for concentration. Most of our breakout area solutions come complete with accessories like tables and storage units. These accessories include power supply units, WiFi, Bluetooth, Smart TV’s and presentation displays into this breakout furniture, allowing people to work in a way that makes them most productive and fulfilled.

Apart from the types of office seating that we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, we also carry a range of folding chairs, stacking chairs, meeting chairs, high rise chairs and stools. We also supply chair accessories such as back rests, foot rests, chair mats and chair arms. All of our office chairs complies with EU standards and can be used within government bodies and public institutions.

Office Chair Buying Tips:

• Adjustable Height – this is the most important feature of any office chair as you should sit in a position where your feet are rest flat on the floor without any pressure on back of your thighs. Such position allows the right blood circulation and prevents your legs from going numb. To smoothly adjust the office chair’s height you should choose a chair with a pneumatic lever which is the most convenient system for increasing or decreasing the height in office chairs.

• Lumbar Support – it is a must for all quality office chairs to have a proper backrest which will thoroughly support all parts of the user’s back and allow easy movement of arms and shoulders at the same time. The natural spine position is an S-shape one and office chairs with contoured backrest deliver such support for both lower and middle back. Kundali bhagya 22 october 2020.

• Adjustable Backrest and Tilt – this function lets you choose the position that is the most comfortable for your type of work. Such mechanism should allow you to move the backrest forward or backward and have a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted movement of the backrest. Office chairs supplied with backrest height adjustability allows you to angle the back to a position which provides the most support for your lower back and gives you the most comfort when working.

• Armrests – armrests have an important function of taking some of the strain off your back, neck and shoulders. You should choose office chairs with armrests that allow you comfortably rest your arms at angle of 90 degrees and being able to operate a keyboard, mouse, etc. Fixed armrests are usually sufficient for occasional use but for office chairs that are used for 7-8 hours a day you should consider adjustable armrests – the minimum standard should be ability to adjust the height of the armrests.

• Upholstery and Padding – when using an office chair for extended periods on daily basis you should be using office chairs covered with fabric that is able to breathe and provides the user with more comfort. Fabric and mesh are the best choices in terms of breathability and they are the most popular when choosing office seating for everyday general use. Padding is also very important and it should give the user a cross between being comfortable and offer the right support. If the padding is too soft it won’t deliver enough support and if it is too hard it won’t be suitable to sit on for a couple of hours.

• Swivel and Castors – swivel is one the features which increase the usability and efficiency of office seating since it allows the user to reach for items that are on various parts of a desk or even beside it without the need to twist your back but the actual chair itself. Proper castors also add on to the functionality of office chairs – it is worth choosing the castors depending on the floor type to allow easy movement of the chair. There are castors which are suitable for hard floors, carpet floors and universal ones which can be used on both types of surfaces.
• Sliding Seat - this feature allows setting the right depth of the chair seat which depends on the user's height. To sit at the most comfortable position you should be able to have your back against the backrest and a bit of space between back of your knees and the chair seat. If a chair doesn't have a sliding seat option you should choose deeper seat if you are taller and a shallower one if you are not too tall.

Office Chair Maintenance
• Carry a check every 2-3 months for all office chairs that are in use


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Colin, Limerick
Mighty Bean Bag Chair Black
Very Comfortable!
'This is such a comfortable bean bag. We love it. The back colour is ideal as it matches everything. '
Aria A Medium Back Memory Return Swivel Leather Chair White AM3
Very Good Product!
'This genuine leather office chair is ideal for any offices. It is suitable for 8 hours a day usage. I use this 5 days a week and always find it really comfortable. The tilt mechanism automatically responds to your movements. The genuine leather seat and back are easy to clean.'
Aria A Medium Back Memory Return Swivel Leather Chair White AM3
Extremely Comfortable!
'This real leather executive chair is a fantastic addition to any meeting room. We have 4 in our meeting room and everyone compliments them. They are really stylish and modern, this genuine leather chair has so many brilliant features including tilt mechanism with multi-position lock and shock break. I would recommend these chairs for anyone looking for modern stylish looking office chairs for a training room or boardroom'
Aria A Medium Back Designer Leather Chrome Cantilever Arm Chair Black AMCA
Lovely Design and was Delivered on Time!
'Aria A Executive office chairs are just gorgeous - very simple design, but absolutely beautiful! And comfortable also. I very glad to find this matching visitors chair, as I honestly didn't think of buying one with my managers chair. Was delivered in time, all good.'
Breeze BH1 High Back Designer Mesh Office Arm Chair Black
Worth Every Cent!
'I am absolutely mad about modern office furniture and love the minimalist interior design. With this thought I was designing my executive office, so this Breeze executive seating range was an ideal choice! This very high back mesh executive chair is a perfect example of simplicity that can surprise you with all the great qualities-comfort, spotless construction, durability. Worth every cent!'
Chesterfield Executive Office Chair in Green Leather With Padded Arms, Traditional Look With 5 Star Castor Base, Deep Cushioning For Comfort
Great Quality and Price!
'In this modern world - I am a fan of traditional classic look! The chesterfield office chair is exactly what I wanted. Green colour fabulously suit my cherry executive office furniture. I'm very happy with the quality and even more happy about the price!'
Moore Deluxe Executive Office Chair White Leather With Arms
Fabulous Office Chair!
'Fabulous office chair, love everything about it. Beautifully designed, beautifully finished! Love the white leather effect- so sleek & modern, lights up the whole room.'
Penza Executive High Back Cream Leather Office Chair With Arms
Good Quality!
'I shopped around for days (both-online & in furniture shops) for a nice cream leather executive chair. Ordered this one, arrived very quick, all in good condition, was super easy to put it together, literally took me 10 minutes. This is my first day using it & all good so far. I love the design, the comfort is unreal, the leather is very far so good. And the price was below my budget.'
Jemini Managers Office Chair With Arms Star Leg Blue KF03428
Great Value!
'Great value chair for the price. Would not recommend it for a fancy executive office, but I am easy going boss with a simple office, so it suits me just fine. '

Task Chair Green

Janice, Mayo
Jemini Managers Office Chair With Arms Star Leg Blue KF03428
Very Comfortable!
'Very comfortable and perfect for a home office'