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SourceTree is an interactive GUI tool that visualizes and manages Git repositories for Windows and Mac. Configure the MATLAB diff and merge tools as SourceTree external tools: With SourceTree open, click Tools Options. On the Diff tab, under External Diff / Merge, fill the fields with the following information. Open your repository in Sourcetree, and click the Pull button. A popup appears to indicate that you are merging the file from Bitbucket to your local repository. Click OK from this box. Sourcetree updates with a description of the merged file. Navigate to your repository folder on your local system and you'll see the file you just added.

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Sourcetree Merge Tool


Using TortoiseDiff and TortoiseMerge in Atlassian SourceTree

I’m using SourceTree along with TortoiseMerge/Diff, which is very easy and convenient diff/merge tool. But, because it isn’t that easy and convenient to install and configure both tools, I wrote this simple memo-post to have check-list for future reference in one place.


  1. Get standalone version of TortoiseMerge/Diff (quite old, since it doesn’t ship standalone since version 1.6.7 of TortosieSVN, that is since July 2011). Links and details in this answer.
  2. Unzip TortoiseIDiff.exe and TortoiseMerge.exe to any folder (c:Program Files (x86)AtlassianSourceTreeextras in my case).

  3. In SourceTree open Tools > Options > Diff > External Diff / Merge. Select TortoiseMerge in both dropdown lists.

  4. Hit OK and point SourceTree to your location of TortoiseIDiff.exe and TortoiseMerge.exe.

After that, you can select Resolve Conflicts > Launch External Merge Tool from context menu on each conflicted file in your local repository. This will open up TortoiseMerge, where you can easily deal with all the conflicts, you have. Once finished, simply close TortoiseMerge (you don’t even need to save changes, this will probably be done automatically) and after few seconds SourceTree should handle that gracefully.

The only problem is, that it automatically creates backup copy, even though proper option is unchecked.

There is an alternate solution to this problem, which uses KDiff3 instead of TortoiseDiff / TortoiseMerge.

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