Sourcetree Ssh

Mac SourceTree配置SSH 生成SSH. 创建SSH,执行ssh-keygen -t rsa -C '[email protected]',会在.ssh目录下生成idrsa、idrsa.pub两个私钥和公钥。; 通过cat /.ssh/idrsa.pub查看公钥,并将公钥整体复制,配置到GitHub等后台。 $ cat /.ssh/ ssh-rsa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [email protected] 配置本地SSH. Protocol: Select 'SSH' Click 'OK' Click 'Close' Click the 'Remote' tab to see your repositories; Now, you can click 'Clone' to clone one to your local machine. I'll clone the 'My-First-GitHub-Site' to my local machine with SourceTree. Cloning a Repo to Your Local Machine.

(Note: These are the steps for a Windows installation of SourceTree. Not sure if there are differences for a Mac installation.)

Generate/Load SSH Keys:

1. Open SourceTree.

2. Pick “Create or Import SSH Keys” under “Tools” tab.

Sourcetree Ssh Key

3. Keep default settings on new window and select “Generate” and follow instructions to generate SSH key pair.

Sourcetree Ssh

4. Save both the public and private key.

5. Open your system tray and select Pageant (the icon of a computer wearing a fedora).

6. Click “Add Key” and select the private key you generated.

7. If the repository you want to clone is on an online hosting service, then copy public key and add to your site profile.

Clone Repository:

Jiffy lube for sale. 1. Pick “Clone / New” under “File” tab.

2. Copy SSH clone URL from repository to the line “Source Path / URL”.

3. Select desired Destination Path and Name.

Sourcetree Ssh-agent Failed

4. Click “Clone”.

Sourcetree Ssh Port

5. You’re done! The repo may take a while to clone, so a bit of patience is required.