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QNAP NAS (QTS) Syncthing QPKG (Qnap Package) available for ALL models x86, x8664, Arm (all including new models). Docker container and registry entry. ClearOS / WikiSuite. Syncthing is part of WikiSuite, and thus packaged for ClearOS. Syncthing is available as a 1-click install on Cloudron. For those unaware, Cloudron makes. So I currently use Syncthing to backup my server to my computer so that I can have a second copy of the data on-site, as well as to back it up to the cloud. I was able to set it up just fine using SyncTrayzor and the SyncThing TrueNAS Core 12 plug-in. What I want to do now is begin syncing my phone's data so it too can be backed up.

Syncthing Qnap Install Free

I was wondering if people could share their experience installing FreeNAS on commercial appliance such as QNAP, Synology, Netgear ReadyNAS, Buffallo Stations or DLink NAS or any other product.
Main reason - I want a small NAS appliance for my home ( running RAID 1 or 5) with all the features of FreeNAS. Right now I have a Linux (Debian) box which is my computer as well, that runs 24/7 . It has Raid 5 and 5 fans - it's kind of loud, and eats up load of electricity. However most of my remote access needs are - access bittorrent queue , maybe find an occasional photo or document on my local drive ( when I'm at work), and backup my files and stuff. All these things FreeNAS would be good at. However I don't want to spend time / money building a compact low-energy machine to do this, especially since there are already so many good hardware solutions out there.
So hence the question - were people able to do any of this already?
To compare I guess I'm looking for a NAS version of dd-wrt or tomato.
Thank you