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Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it’s transmitted over the Internet. In this step by step guide I will show you how to install Syncthing on your Synology NAS using Portainer.

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The official Debian/Ubuntu Syncthing repository, and several distros (including Arch Linux) ship these service files along with the Syncthing package. You need to activate WebDAV if you want to access your Synology NAS DS713+ on the internet. It is very simple and can be explained in a few simple steps: 1. Click on 'main menu' and then 'Control. Enjoy hundreds of amazing Synology NAS packages designed for your unique needs: backup, business, multimedia, collaboration, surveillance & more. Working package syncthing for DS918+ Close. Posted by 1 year ago. Working package syncthing for DS918+ Anyone already worked with syncthing on the Intel celeron processor like Ds918+is there a working package or should I run it from docker Package in the synology nas?

Install Docker via Synology “Package Center”.

Install Portainer using my step by step guide. If you already have Portainer installed on your Synology NAS, skip this STEP.

Go to File Station and open the docker folder. Inside the docker folder, create 3 new folders and name it syncthing, data1, data2. Follow the instructions in the image below.
Note: Be careful enter only lowercase, not uppercase letters.

Now create one new folder inside the syncthing folder that you created at STEP 4 and name it config. Follow the instructions in the image below.

Log into Portainer using your username and password. On the Portainer left sidebar click on Stacks. After you click on Stacks, a new screen will open. Click + Add Stack. In the Name field type in syncthing. Follow the instructions in the image below.

Note: In the Portainer Stacks Web editor Copy Paste the code below.

After you paste the code in the Web editor, change the value for TZ (Select your current Time Zone from this list).
After you paste the code in the Web editor, change the value numbers for PUID and PGID with your own values. (Follow my step by step guide on how to do this.)
Note: If you have your docker folder in a different volume, then change /volume1/docker/syncthing/config according to your settings. For example: /volume2/docker/syncthing/config or /volume3/docker/syncthing/config etc.

Scroll down on the page until you see a button named Deploy the stack. Click on it. Follow the instructions in the image below. The installation process can take up to a few minutes. It will depend on your Internet speed connection.

If everything goes right, you will see this message at the top right of your screen: “Stack successfully deployed“.

Go back to STEP 1 or you will deal with karma 🙂.

Now open your browser and type in http://Synology-ip-address:8384/ Follow the instructions in the image below.
Note: Once you logged in for the first time, remember to add a GUI Authentication User and Password.

Enjoy your Syncthing!

Note: Find out how to update Syncthing container with the latest image.
Note: Can I run Docker on my Synology NAS? See the supported models.

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This page lists integrations, addons and packagings of Syncthing created bythe community. Like all documentation pages, it’s wiki editable so please doedit and add your own.

GUI Wrappers¶


Syncthing windows 10


  • A wrapper app for the Syncthing binary.

  • An alternative wrapper app for the Syncthing binary with extendedfunctionality.


  • Windows host for Syncthing. Installer, auto-start, built-in browser, trayicon, and more.


  • syncthing-macos is a native macOS Syncthing tray application bundle.It hosts and wraps Syncthing, making it behave more like a native macOS application and less like a command-line utility with a web browser interface.



  • A GNOME Shell extension displaying a Syncthing status icon in the top bar.

  • A GNOME Shell indicator for starting, monitoring and controlling the Syncthing daemon using SystemD.

  • Small bash application with minimal dependencies, for a simple colorful representation of the current status.

Packages and Bundlings¶


  • Webi: syncthing

    Mac, Linux:

    Windows 10

Debian / Ubuntu¶

  • Official packages:

  • Debian packages: syncthing, syncthing-discosrv and syncthing-relaysrv

Fedora / CentOS¶

For Fedora Syncthing is now in the official repo :

Unofficial RPM repo of Syncthing (sources)


  • Official Community Repository: syncthing

  • Arch User Repository: syncthing-discosrv and syncthingtray


  • Dockerfiles for Syncthing and Syncthing Discovery Server.Latest binary releases used for both.

  • docker-syncthingA fully baked docker container that allows custom config and will keep yoursettings and data past docker image restarts.

  • syncthing-docker-scratchBuilds docker containers from scratch base and/or runs the containers indocker or rkt.

  • rpi-syncthingConfigurable image for the Raspberry Pi.

  • syncthing for hassioA docker based addon for hassio


Official net-p2p package: syncthing


FreshPorts: syncthing


Syncthing synology package manager

MacPorts: syncthing


Official ports: syncthing and QSyncthingTray


Official packages: syncthing and syncthingtray

Synology NAS (DSM)¶

  • Synocommunity: add to the PackageCenter in DSM or view the browsable repository. Numerous CPU architectures aresupported. SPK’s may be older versions, however you can execute a Syncthingversion upgrade via the web GUI after installation.

  • Kastelo maintains Synology packagesin a custom package source. Packages auto upgrade via the Synology packagemanager.


Syncthing QPKG (QnapPackage) available for ALL models x86, x86_64, Arm (all including new models).


Docker container and registry entry

ClearOS / WikiSuite¶

Syncthing is part of WikiSuite, and thus packaged for ClearOS.

Syncthing Synology Package


Syncthing is available as a 1-click install on Cloudron. For those unaware,Cloudron makes it easy to run apps on your server and keep them up-to-date and secure.

There is a demo available (username: cloudron password: cloudron)

The Cloudron package is developed here.

WD My Cloud NAS¶

Packages for OS3 available on WDCommunity.


REST API Bindings¶

  • Python: (

  • PHP:


  • Swift: pulse-swift

    Currently still in development and is “not yet usable by any standard”. Only the Block Exchange Protocol layer and the Connection layer are completed.

  • Java: a-sync

    This implements the BEP, discovery and relay protocols providing a commandline utility to access a Syncthing network, a service to proxy the relayprotocol over http and a client library for the BEP protocol.

Configuration management¶

  • Command line interface: syncthingmanager


Resolving conflicts¶

  • A small bash script that handles synchronization conflicts in textfiles that may pop up when using Syncthing. It is inspired by thepacdiff utility from Arch Linux. A diff utility can be used tomerge the files and keep them up to date.

Older, Possibly Unmaintained¶

Syncthing Synology Packages


These projects have not been updated in quite a while. They may still beusable, or they may be in disrepair. If you are the maintainer of one ofthese and you have revived the project, please update this pageaccordingly.

Syncthing Windows 10

  • (OSX 10.10 only)