Ubc Math 100 Midterm

For excellent background information on grading at the university level see the perspectives provided by Prof. Mark McLean.

Grading Scheme

Final Exam 40%
Midterm 1 20%
Midterm 2 20%
WeBWorK 20%
  1. Midterm 16 November 2011, questions and answers. 33% (3) Pages: 5 year: 2011/2012.
  2. This is the common page for all sections of MATH 100 except the Vantage College section. The instructor in charge is Michael Bennett. This page gives course policies, the course outline, homework problems, some old exams, other course information, and information on available resources.


  1. In order to pass the course a minimum mark of 40% on the final exam is required and you must pass ((geq) 50%) at least one of the midterms or the final exam.
  2. There will be no make-up exams for midterm and final exams. If you miss the final exam, you have to report to Science Advising within 48 hours of the exam in order to be able to apply for a deferred exam.
  3. For your WeBWorK portion only the top 95% of all problems count towards your final grade. For example, if you solve 95 out of 100 problems correctly, you will receive a perfect grade on the WeBWorK portion.
  4. There may be additional components counting towards your term grade such as clicker questions. This may result in small variations of the weight of each component between sections. See your own section's page for details.

Regrading Policy

The University of British Columbia has launched an investigation after more than 100 entry-level math students were accused of cheating on their midterm exam several days ago. The investigation became public after an ominous note from the students' professor was posted online late Monday. It was also circulated to students directly. Math 100: So this midterm was the one where the average was around 60% with EXTENSIVE scaling. Thank god for scaling, I ended up with an A+ which was nice but I had massive math fail with one question. We had to use the squeeze theorem to prove that the limit of a function was 1/2. Math 100 — Section 109 Diffe rential Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering. Instructor: Yaniv Plan Office: 1219 Math Annex Email: yaniv (at) math (dot) ubc (dot) ca. Lectures: TTh 9:30-11:00, LSK 200. Office hours: MW 3:30pm-4:30pm, MATX 1219 Th 5:00pm-6:00pm, MATX 1118.

Emerald green office chair. All instructors have decided to adopt the following policy for regrading midterms:

Please send an email to your instructor that details which problems should be regraded and why. Your instructor will check the marking of the challenged question but reserves the right to look at all other questions as well. This means that your mark could decrease after regrading. Request for regrading should be made no earlier than 24 hours after midterm grades have been announced and no later than 7 days afterwards.

Exam regulations

Ubc math 100
  • Both midterm exams and the final exam will be online exams based on Webwork. Please refer to the Canvas course site and to the instructions provided in class for the requirements students need to meet for the online exams.

Schoch Math 100

  • For a full description of the final exam regulations, see the UBC Calendar page on Student Conduct during Examinations. This includes use of cell phones for checking the time. The same regulations apply for the midterms.
  • If you are unable to attend a midterm, you must inform your instructor and provide professional documentation of any medical emergency etc. upon return to classes. In this case suitable accommodations can be made. These may consist of retaking the midterm or of adjusting the weight of the other midterm and/or of the final exam accordingly. Undocumented absences from midterms result in a score of zero.
  • Student ID's are required and may be checked during midterms as well as the final exam.
  • Calculators, cell phones and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited from use for quizzes and the final exam.
  • A formula sheet will be provided on the final exam as well as midterms (may include only a selection that is pertinent to the material covered on each quiz).

Ubc Math 100 Midterm Test

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