Use Sourcetree With Gitlab

Do you want to work on your git repositories more easily? Or connect GitLab to SourceTree? Don’t like or don’t know how to work well from the command line? In this article, find out how to do without command lines and easily work on your git repositories.

Clone the project/repo to your machine from the GitLab server, using SourceTree. Change the project using Visual Studio. Commit your change(s) to your local git repo using SourceTree and then push it back to the GitLab server. Confirm that the changes are on the server. Getting your grades from GitLab. Installing SourceTree. Now sourcetree can access gitlab but you do not have any projects in Sourcetree yet. In order to download or upload code you need to have a project. This tutorial will show you how to get the base V-HAB project into sourcetree, the steps to get any other project into sourcetree are basically the same. The version of GitLab may change causing the appearance of the web page to change, the name of the project your'e working with may be different than one pictured below, etc, etc. You're expected to try and make progress even if the pictures aren't identical (just like you'll be expected to first try and fix your own problem when working in. How to integrate sourcetree for gitlab Step 1: Generate an SSH Key with default values from GitLab. GitLab provides the commands to generate it. STEP 2: Add the SSH key to your keychain using the command ssh-add -K. Open the terminal and paste the above command in. STEP 3: Restart.

So, to achieve this, we need a Git GUI utility, I named SourceTree.

SourceTree is, in our opinion, the most complete in this area. Also, there is free software developed by Atlassian. They are also the authors of Bitbucket, which is used for accommodation. The two products mentioned are not necessarily linked during use.

Take a look at the video

Steps to connect GitLab to SourceTree

Let’s get to the point. Let’s see together what the steps are to manage our deposits easily.

  • Download SourceTree

Also, it is available on the site SourceTree. It is also available for PC, MAC and Linux versions. Depending on the platform, the interface sometimes changes, but the use is the same.

  • Configuration

We skipped the installation step. Additionally, we installed with default settings.

Here is the window you will get

  • First of the things we should go on Tools-> Options to choose the type of SSH client and the private key for the connection (You should first have generated a key)

NB: You need to add the key you generated to the git account for SSH connection

  • If you generated the key with putty, choose SSH Putty / Link Client and in the SSH key field, enter the path of the private key you generated.
  • If you generate the key with OpenSSH, choose the client OpenSSH, and in the field, SSH key, enter the path that leads to the private key.

Once done, click on Okay.

  • Let’s see how to recover a remote project
Github sourcetree personal access token

1- Copy the cloning link of your project on git

2- Click on Clone in the utility. You will get the figure above.

Note: For the path to clone your repository in your machine, you can either leave it as default or choose a path to which you would like the project to be cloned.

3- Once the form has been correctly completed, click on the clone

Your project has been perfectly cloned. So, you can explore it

on SourceTree

Steps to follow to modify your project

You can now modify your project

  • For example, I added a test.html file to my project

1- Click on the button + to add the modified files

2- Write the commit message


3- Validate the changes

After all this, we must now send the data to the git server

1- Click on send

2- Choose the branch on which you want to push data

3- Send the data

You will get this result.

If you update your git repository, you will see your file

Install an SSL Certificate for Localhost XAMPP. Create a folder on your XAMPP server to store the SSL files. For example, you can use this directory: xamppapachessl. Use one of the two ways below to find the configuration file for your website: In the XAMPP control panel click Config and select. Using file explorer. The path to the configuration file depends on the folder you chose during setup of XAMPP control panel. You can see the folder of installation when opening the panel: The directory specified should contain the Apache folder. From there, navigate to the conf folder extra folder httpd-ssl.conf file. You can open the file with any text editor. Add ssl to xampp.

Use Sourcetree With Gitlab

The integration of git-flow in SourceTree is fascinating because it allows you to do many things other than pushing a repository. In case you can’t manage something with the interface, SourceTree comes by default with a command line with built-in git.

If you did not fully understand the steps or prefer to entrust your professional, please contact us.

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Use Sourcetree With Gitlab


To add your supply request file, do the following:

Setup Sourcetree On Mac

  1. From your BitbucketStationSupplies in Bitbucket, click Source to open the source directory. Notice you only have one file, supplies.txt, in your directory.

    • A. Source page: Click the link to open this page.

    • B. Branch selection: Pick the branch you want to view.

    • C. More options button: Click to open a menu with more options, such as 'Add file'.

    • D. Source file area: View the directory of files in Bitbucket.

  2. From the Source page, click the More options button in the top right corner and select Add file from the menu. The More options button only appears after you have added at least one file to the repository. A page for creating the new file opens, as shown in the following image.

    • A. Branch with new file: Change if you want to add file to a different branch.

    • B. New file area: Add content for your new file here.

  3. Enter supplyrequest in the filename field.

  4. Select HTML from the Syntax mode list.

  5. Add the following HTML code to the text area:

    We are requesting additional supplies. Please send us the following:

    • space ice cream

    • nerf darts

    • telescope light shield

  6. Click Commit. The Commit message field appears with the message: supplyrequest created online with Bitbucket.

  7. Click Commit under the message field.