Utc Japan Time

This is a list of military time zones as defined in the ACP 121(I) standard.[1] for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, and is used by many nations' armed forces. The names are identical to the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Utc Japan Time

Time zone difference: Japan Time (JST) to Alaska Time (AKST) Time now in Japan and Alaska. Conversion tools and tables. All times shown observe local daylight saving time (DST) rules.

The time zone using UTC is sometimes denoted UTC±00:00 or by the letter Z—a reference to the equivalent nautical time zone (GMT), which has been denoted by a Z since about 1950. Time zones were identified by successive letters of the alphabet and the Greenwich time zone was marked by a Z as it was the point of origin. JST is the abbreviation of Japan Standard Time.Time zone offset of JST is UTC+09.Japan Standard Time is 9 hours ahead from the UTC universal time. Amazon gift card front and back picture. JST current date is 3rd Monday May 2021.

Going east from the prime meridian at Greenwich, letters 'Alpha' through 'Mike' (skipping 'J', see below) represent the 12 time zones with positive UTC offsets until reaching the international Date Line. Going west from Greenwich, letters 'November' through 'Yankee' represent zones with negative offsets.

The letters are typically used in conjunction with military time. For example, 6:00 a.m. in zone UTC−5 is written '0600R' and spoken 'oh six hundred Romeo'.

Time zone nameDesignation letterOffset
Alfa Time ZoneA+1
Bravo Time ZoneB+2
Charlie Time ZoneC+3
Delta Time ZoneD+4
Echo Time ZoneE+5
Foxtrot Time ZoneF+6
Golf Time ZoneG+7
Hotel Time ZoneH+8
India Time ZoneI+9
Kilo Time ZoneK+10
Lima Time ZoneL+11
Mike Time ZoneM+12
November Time ZoneN−1
Oscar Time ZoneO−2
Papa Time ZoneP−3
Quebec Time ZoneQ−4
Romeo Time ZoneR−5
Sierra Time ZoneS−6
Tango Time ZoneT−7
Uniform Time ZoneU−8
Victor Time ZoneV−9
Whiskey Time ZoneW−10
X-ray Time ZoneX−11
Yankee Time ZoneY−12
Zulu Time ZoneZ0

The system apparently originates from Nathaniel Bowditch's 1802 American Practical Navigator book,[citation needed] where time zones were labelled with letters and 'J' was skipped[2] to avoid confusion with 'I'[citation needed].

The letter 'J' ('Juliet'), originally skipped, may be used to indicate the observer's local time.[3]

The letter 'L' ('Lima') is commonly mistaken for 'local'.[4]

The letter 'Z' ('Zulu') indicates Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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