War Thunder 1.95

Update ( - Updates - Game - War Thunder 6 February 2020 Update ( The delay that occurs when switching from a thermal imaging camera to a night vision one has been removed. Update 1.95 'Northern Wind' (changelog) was introduced on 17 December 2019. This update is notable for the introduction of the Swedish aircraft tree, the first Swedish ground vehicles, and the introduction of Ray Traced Global Illumination and HDR support. Update 1.95 drastically changes the looks of the game. Our engine now supports algorithms for Global Illumination that affect the way everything looks, down to the lowliest pixels. Throw in some new, better effects for flickers and flames get ready to experience War Thunder in a completely new way. Updates are major content patches and changes that are applied to War Thunder regularly throughout the year. These include new Aircraft, Ground Vehicles, Maps, Game modes, Features, Graphical enhancements, Flight and Damage model upgrades, Decal and Skin additions and of course bug fixes.

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War Thunder 1.95 Rumor

Get local time python. Yesterday on the War Thunder VK Blog it was found that the caption under the name of the blog had been changed to state that Update 1.93 and 1.95 would be in October and December respectively. Now, of course, this could simply be speculation rather than actual news, however, the VK blog in the past has been fairly accurate in regards to leaks (even to the point where most of the content of 1.91 was leaked in the blog) which gives some credibility to this claim. However, what really gives credibility to this claim in that in previous years there has indeed been an update in October, followed by one in December. As some have speculated these two updates could actually bring in another nation, namely Sweden as in previous years 1.X and X updates have given players a new air tree and tank tree respectively. Despite the fact that China was recently added many have speculated since it is only a new tree for the International community and had already been developed several years earlier that there is still a chance for another new nation as usual though only time will tell what these updates will feature.