War Thunder April Fools 2019


An April Fools' Day gag to rival Metal Gear. Soviet ST-1 is 'the first and the only model of a walking tank' says the elaborate back story for the vehicle posted to War Thunder's devblog. April fools day - Summary 4 April 2017 News. Which we started for the 1st of April has come to an end, but our work on War Thunder continues. We thank you for your feedback, it was very nice to read them! This testing was successful in the first place because many of the mechanics in War Thunder have already been implemented before: X-Ray. April Fools Day 2019 is here, and the video game jokes are just as clever, cheesy, and all around weird as you could hope. There are hot pink events for otherwise tacti-cool games, intentionally.

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April Fools Pranks

War Thunder Fans To Get April Fools Access to Top-Secret Vehicles
The Soviets began development of their highly experimental ST-1 (the walking tanks) and the SPS-255 (rubberized tank) prior to the beginning of World War II. The First World War introduced trench warfare. The ineffectiveness of conventional infantry in trench warfare demanded the creation of a new types of ground vehicles that could easily maneuverer over and around destroyed roads and battlefields, all while avoiding landmines, and in the case of the SPS-255, deflecting enemy fire.
The Soviets developed the ST-1 as the world??s first and only model of the walking tank. The Soviet ST-1 was able to withstand almost all anti-tank mines and sand dollars. The ST-1??s insect-like appearance and movement instilled fear in the ranks of enemy infantry, but its high production costs lead to the Soviet Union abandoning mass production. The Soviets did repurpose many of the ST-1s parts for other tanks, for example, some parts of the tower appeared in later versions of the Soviet tank KV-1 and t-60 and t-26.
Only 20 units remain from the initial production, 12 of which remain with Russia. The Germans captured five during the war of Stalingrad, and the Americans received three as part of a failed developmental exchange program between the two countries.
Gaijin Entertainment, in honor of innovative ST-1 has released the experimental models of the Soviet walking tank for fans of War Thunder for April 1, 2015 only. Players who use Soviet, German, and American vehicles will have access to the walking tanks. To recreate the walking tanks, War Thunder game developers received top-secret access to the remaining units, were able to study their maneuverability and defenses.
In addition to ST-1s, War Thunder developers decided to give players access to another experimental model of tank, the SPS-255. The concept of the SPS-255 was to provide a tank with easy maneuverability and armor that was able to deflect enemy??s ammo. Rather than traditional armor, the outer shell of the SPS-255 reinforced consisted of rubberized steel that created a bouncing effect the rejected the enemy??s ammo.
To provide players with simulation quality gameplay, Gaijin Entertainment has implemented hit points so that players can try to exploit both tank??s limited vulnerability. Developers are confident that the new tanks will provide fans with a break from War Thunder??s ultra-realistic battles, allowing them to experience what might have been if only mass-production had taken place of both tanks during World War II.
Players wanting to experience the ST-1 (walking tanks) and SPS-255, which are only available today, please visit the ??Events?? section in War Thunder.