War Thunder Tb3

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The War Thunder Team. Read more: Meet Major Update “Ixwa Strike”! 242 10 March 2021. I see tb3, i think tb3 where is my tb3 plz. In the market for War Thunder Equipment? Use this link to get 3% off your entire purchase and a custom Phly emblem for your vehicles. Jan 14, 2014 Technical description: Engines: 4 piston water cooled V-engines M-17Power:Maximum - 730 bhp at SL, 1630 rpmNominal - 500 bhp at 1445 rpm up to 3050 metersDry weight - 550 kg Propellers: four two-blade fixed pitch propellers, diameter - 3.5 m Weight and dimensions:Wingspan - 39.49 mWing area - 230. The monitor output is done directly from the graphics card, not the tb3 port. Plug it into any input with 144 capability on the graphics card and you will be just fine. Edit: sorry thought u meant from the core. No idea if the tb3 from the blade can do it.id love to know though.

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It is time to reward some of our players who have participated in the “Winter Magic” event series! Find out more about your prizes and when they will arrive in your hangar!


The winter holidays are over, so it is time to give some winter presents for our most active players who participated in the “Winter Magic” event series. The TB-3 bomber and the XF5F-1 “Skyrocket” fighter are being prepared for you!


All the players who completed at least 10 of the 17 special tasks for the aircraft will be given this plane during several days following the release of a special update, which will be deployed this week.


All players who have completed all tasks from Jan. 1st to Jan.10th have already been awarded with one week Premium for free.

About the aircraft:

TB-3 - A Soviet heavy bomber that was in service in the 1930’s and during WW2 joines rank 1 of the Soviet tree. In 1941 the TB-3 was used as a long-distance bomber. High bombing accuracy was achieved due to it’s low speed (cruise speed - 182 Km/H) and good cockpit visibility. Also, a heavy bomb load (2000 kg - normal load, 5000 kg - maximum load) allowed the TB3 to use all available types of existing bombs.

XF5F-1 - A US naval fighter, the first flight of the prototype took place on 1st of April 1940. It joins rank III of the US tree. This aircraft has a unique design for the time it was created - low-wing with a leading edge in the fore-body. This plane became one of the first twin-engined naval fighters.

Tb 3 Bomber

Both the TB-3 and the XF5F-1 “Skyrocket” are exlusive special aircraft and can not be purchased.

See you in the skies of War Thunder!

War Thunder Tb3 Cheats

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