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Website of the youtube channel Apple Tech 752. Everything iCloud Bypass, easy downloads, FAQ, and more. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Just download and start the installer. XAMPP for Windows 7.3.27, 7.4.16 & 8.0.3. Browse other questions tagged ios windows ipad xampp local or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog A look under the hood: how branches work in Git. Things get even more complicated, if you’re working in XAMPP environment under Windows. It hope this article will help you in getting un-stuck, if you’re stuck on the similar things. As in our experience, on a very rare situation, we were required to use Windows Active Directory or OpenLdap as our user database in WordPress. In this video, I show how to install a program called XAMPP, modify a folder with activation info (htdocs) and add a line to the hosts file. This makes iTune.


// Define the core paths

// Define them as absolute paths to make sure that require_once works as expected

Xampp Ipad App

Xampp ipad pro

// DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR is a PHP pre-defined constant

// ( for Windows, / for Unix)

defined('DS') ? null : define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

defined('SITE_ROOT') ? null : define('SITE_ROOT', DS.'xampp'.DS.'htdocs');

defined('CLASS_PATH') ? null : define('CLASS_PATH', SITE_ROOT.DS.'classes');

defined('LIB_PATH') ? null : define('LIB_PATH', SITE_ROOT.DS.'includes');


defined('HTML_PATH') ? null : define('HTML_PATH', SITE_ROOT.DS.'layouts');

// load config file first


Jul 26, 2012 2:39 AM

XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform, Apache, MariaDB, PHP and Perl. It has everything you would need to setup a web server, websites or databases on your local computer. Many developers use XAMPP on their local machine to create local web server and test websites locally before publishing the sites to production server. For example, you can create a WordPress site on Mac using XAMPP.

It even comes with the FTP service which allows you to use any FTP client to connect to your XAMPP server to transfer files. You can refer to following guide to setup FileZilla FTP server on XAMPP.

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Normally we would use a desktop FTP client to connect to FTP server to download files from server to computer, edit the files using a site builder, like Dreamweaver, and then upload the files back to server through FTP. If we have some photos taken on cellphone that want to use in a local site on PC. Can we connect to these servers from our mobile phones as well? On the iPhone, you can’t find a default app which can connect to FTP servers. The stock Files app can sync with various cloud services such as iCloud, OneDrive, etc. No FTP server support yet. So how does an iPhone user connect to these FTP servers? The answer is to use the extremely powerful app called FileExplorer. It is a file manager for iPhone iPad, yet it does a lot more than just a file explorer. It has greatly simplified the process of connecting your iPhone to a cloud service, FTP server, nearby devices in the local network. You can get this iPhone file explorer app before we get started.

Connect to XAMPP via FTP on iPhone

Run XAMPP on your computer and start the FileZilla service from the XAMPP Control Panel. Note that the FileZilla that comes with XAMPP is the server part, not the FTP client. Make sure both computer and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Run the iPhone explorer app, tap + at the top right, choose FTP from the New Connection screen, you will then open the FTP connection configuration screen. Generally speaking the built-in FTP client within the iPhone file explorer app should be able to automatically detect your local FTP server in the same network. So scroll down to the Network Neighborhood section at the bottom. If you can find your XAMPP FTP server there, tap on it to get the login prompt, then log in using your FTP username and its password.

If you can’t remember the FTP account credentials, scroll up and refer to the linked guide about XAMPP FTP server configuration for more details.

Connect to XAMPP via FTP on Android phone

Xampp Ip Address

Connecting to FTP servers from Android mobile phone is also not difficult. If your phone does not come with a FTP or File app that is able to connect to FTP servers, you can download a third-party FTP client or file explorer app. Notably the ES file explorer which is quite capable for FTP connection and file transfer across different platforms. This app is free and keeps getting better and better on each release. Run the Android file explorer app on your device, go to Network >> FTP >> New >> ftp to start creating the FTP connection to your XAMPP FTP server.