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  1. I am not getting Xdebug in php.ini after pasting phpxdebug-2.5.5-7.1-vc14.dll in D:xamppphpext. Please guide me. I have environment Windows7, JDK, Eclipse, XAMP, Apache server all are running fine.
  2. I Can't figure out how to install php-gd for PHP7.2. Is there any way to install/enable GD extension in xampp windows? I checked the php.ini file for phpgd2.dll but I can't find that line. It seems like GD is missing in PHP7.2.
  3. I have upgraded Xampp to version 7.2.1, coming from 5.6. However, I am used to creating websites in Dreamweaver CS4, the wysiwyg-way with minimal PHP-changes done manually. Since my hosting service is no longer supporting PHP 5.6 or 7.0, my site doesn't work anymore. Dreamweaver generated all the PH.
XAMPP 7.2 with PHP 7.2 on board is out which is absolutely great. Thank you very much for such a quick release, especially that PHP 7.2 introduces several great and important improvements.
One of them is the inclusion of the new cryptography library (libsodium, a fork of the highly praised NaCl [1]) as a core feature of PHP (meaning it is automatically loaded and active) [2]. This is accompanied by the total removal of obsolete mcrypt functions. Unfortunately, the version of PHP provided with the latest release of XAMPP has been compiled WITHOUT libsodium [3]. This means that the only remaining library for crypto is OpenSSL, considered by many as not completely safe (i.e. its pseudorandom byte generator functions).
Does anyone know:
1) if the omission of the libsodium in the latest release of XAMPP was on purpose
2) whether there is any chance to have it included in the next releases?
[1] https://dev.to/paragonie/php-72-the-first-programming-language-to-add-modern-cryptography-to-its-standard-library
[2] http://php.net/manual/en/sodium.setup.php
[3] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45755795/using-libsodium-in-php-7-2Xampp php 7.2.24

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PS. I do know that libsodium can be loaded as PECL extension, but I would like to specifically ask about its inclusion as a PHP core library.