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I have been having an issue with a particular user over the past year accessing my plex server. I have don’t some research, tried a million ways to find a solution but I have not been able to find one. I am hoping someone hear can help me. I will try to be as detailed as possible. War thunder pc game.


Xfinity Plex App

ISSUE: One plex user out my 15 can not connect to the plex server.

DETAILS: I have 14 outside the network users. All can connect but one user. All users are using the Xfinity Modem (up do date). The user that can not connect has had the modem replaced 3 times in search of fixing this issue. The user that can not connect lives right next door to me. The other users are within a block, or blocks of my server (a few further out in my city in a 10 mile radius). We all have the same hardware. The user that is not able to connect (via TV - wireless) simply keep getting ‘can not connect to server’ error. We also tried connecting via ethernet (not over the xfinity’s modems wifi) and had the same error. Another note is that if we log in with a laptop, we CAN connect BUT its with an ‘indirect’ connection, which is slow and lagging (but does connect).

Xfinity Plex App

TRIED: I have set up port forward, static IP, disabled secure connections, and all though everything still works for all other users, the user in question devices still won’t connect.

THOUGHTS: It seem the user that can not connect has some sort of firewall, or there xfinity modem is blocking or not allowing a secure connection to go through. I am unsure why this would be different since all the other users in the same vicinity, and with the same hardware are not experiencing this issue. Again, we have replaced the xfinity modem at least 3 times, and xfinity has tired to help us, but say it is not them (I beg to differ).

I would be happy to provide any further information if needed, screenshots, and anything else that might have you, or someone help my trouble shoot this issue.

Xfinity Flex

Thanks in advance…


I am trying to set up my in-laws computers to stream media from my server running Plex. When I 'launch' from any web browser (tried IE, Mozilla, and chrome) from their network it shows :Queue' but does not load any of the menu items on the left and does not load anything but the word 'QUEUE' in the main window where my shows, movies and Channels are normally displayed (see below)

Xfinity Plex

![post-208122-0-21186800-1389911183.jpg 690x173](upload://ul519GM6mFzswLwQ5y8pvbaMx71.jpg)

I disconnected their computer from their network and connected to the internet through my phones mobile hotspot feature and everything worked normally, I brought their computer over to my house and it worked fine and it worked from a friends house as well.

I have successfully launched and used the web app from several different computers on 3 different networks with no issues.

Xfinity X1 Plex

I have also brought other laptops that I know run the web app to the in-laws house and they have the same isue when trying to connect through the in-laws ISP.

Xfinity Flex Disney Plus

The only thing that is different at the in-laws house is that they use comcast as an ISP. Is comcast blocking access to plex? Is there a way around this.